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Pfizer vs Moderna: Which Vaccine is Better Pfizer or Moderna- Check Now


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Talking about the vaccination process at the international level, Pfizer and Moderna are the leading ones. It’s always hard to choose either Pfizer or Moderna. This turns the battle of Pfizer vs Moderna always further. Vaccination against Covid -19 Coronavirus is really important. Thus you need to have complete information on both Pfizer and Moderna.

Watching Lakhs of cases and thousands of deaths each day. It’s really important that you take vaccination very seriously.

Let’s get to know all about Pfizer vs Moderna.

Pfizer & Moderna: A brief

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Before knowing about which is the better one and which one to choose between them. Let’s get to know about both Pfizer and Moderna in a bit more detail.

  • First of all, Pfizer was developed with BioNTech which is a German-based manufacturing company. Whereas Moderna came a little late after Pfizer.
  • Moderna is developed being in association with (NIAID) i.e National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
  • Pfizer vs Moderna: Which Vaccine is Better Pfizer or Moderna- Check Now
  • Also whether it is Pfizer or Moderna, they both use the same technique to fight the virus. They both use mRNA technology to make antibiotics against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  • Both have been approved by similar international authorities and are safe to be used. Both have high prevention rates.

Whom to choose !!! 

Before making the choice between Pfizer vs Moderna it’s important that you get to know the difference between them.

So here are the Pfizer vs Moderna differences :

  1. Pfizer can be used for people age 16 and above. Whereas Moderna allows it for 18 and above.
  2. Pfizer has a higher storage time of 30 days, Moderna haves only 5 days of it.
  3. Pfizer has a success rate of 95% while Moderna has a 94% prevention rate.
  4. Moderna has 100mg shots while Pfizer has 30mg shots.
  5. Both Pfizer and Moderna have their side effects like- fever, dizziness, body pain, chills, etc. However, these side effects may vary from person to person.

Above were the few very important differences and points you need to remember while choosing Pfizer of Moderna.

This was all about Pfizer vs Moderna vaccines.

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