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Home Educational How to Spot Fake Remdesivir Injections In Market ?

How to Spot Fake Remdesivir Injections In Market ?


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In this time of high surge and demand of Remdesivir, a new problem of FAKE Remdesivir Injections in the market has come up. Remdesivir injections are basically prescribed to the ill Covid-19 patients for their recovery. But few scamsters have found their opportunity here also. So it is very important that you can spot the difference between Original Remdesivir Injections and Fake ones.

  1. So How to spot the Fake Remdesivir injections? 
  2. What’s the difference between the Original one and the Fake one? 

You will get all the details here. So read the full article and be safe from such harmful fake injections.

Fake Remdesivir Injections: 

In the past few times, there have been multiple cases reported in various states regarding the Fake Remdesivir in the market. However, the Fake one has also managed to become a good lookalike of the original one. But still just by being aware and spotting few differences,you can easily spot the fake Remdesivirs.

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Fake Remdesivir


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Original vs Fake :

There are the following differences in Fake  ones and original one. By spotting these errors you can save yourself from the harm.

These are the following differences in Fake Remdesivir spreading in market:

  • Spot the ‘Rx‘ – Rx written before the name of Remdesivir is the one basic thing you should look for. Fake ones have them missing.
  • Third line error– Original one haves – 100mg/Vial , Fake – 100mg/vial.
  • Capitalization of letters– The Fake Remdesivirs lack proper capitalization of letters. Fake ones have got ‘vial’ in place of ‘Vial’. Similarly fake one has ‘for use in’ in place of ‘For use in’. And also fake ones have India being mentioned as ‘India’s.
  • Warning Label Color – The original one has warned in red Color while Fake Remdesivir injections have it in black.
  • Alignment error – Fake Remdesivirs have improper gaps which can be spotted easily.
  • The presence of Gilead Sciences, Inc – Fake Remdesivirs does not have mention of the manufacturer.
  • Spelling error in Address – Fake product has spelled Telangana wrong. It has spelled it as ‘Telagana’.

These are the few minor things you should take care of. So be responsible, be aware and help others too to be safe from such harmful fake products.

This was all about Remdesivir injections and its Fake copy in the market.

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