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One Piece Chapter 1012


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One Piece Chapter 1012 Release Date?

On April 25, 2021, One Piece Chapter 1011 released, and fans now await the release of the next chapter. On the auspicious occasion of Golden Week, writers enjoy the week off. One Piece Chapter 1012 will release next Sunday on May 9, 2021, around 11 am EST instead of May 2, 2021.

One Piece Chapter 1012 Spoilers Confirmed?

“itching is the title of One Piece Chapter 1012. The spoilers, cover details, and release date of Chapter 1013 are released. Stay tuned to find out more!

Red Scabbards is trying to help Momonosuke on the third floor. Izou cares about Kiku’s arm. For a samurai, this wound is similar to an itch. Kiku also felt bad when Izou left Wanokuni. Kawamatsu worries about Wanokuni. He asks Izou because they’ll open the country for the world.

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Kinemon suggests going on the mission alone and splitting everyone into small groups to make sure all are safe. Kiku on the other hand wants to finish Kanjuurou all by herself. Everybody now goes different ways except Kiku and Kinemon.

Nekomamushi gets to know that Pedro is dead and the killer is walking free in the land. Yamato on the other hand feels like they should not be together. The “Marys” will have a high chance of spotting them. Yamato forms a Momonosuke dummy to take with her to act as a decoy.

Yamato asks about Luffy. he hopes that Luffy is doing fine. Momonosuke assures him and tells him that the “voices” are of two creatures. Sanji on the other hand is on the second floor. He is carrying a big cross and fighting Kaidou’s men. The cross is in fact the injured Zoho. A flashback starts

Sanji: “Who the hell made you this injured!?”
Zoro: “Kaido and Big Mom.”
Sanji: “OK, that’s understandable. How’s Luffy?”
Zoro: “It seems he’s understood something. He will surely win!!”
Sanji: “No need to tell me. I already know!!”

Sanji meets Izou and Kawamatsu. They inform him that Momonosuke will be saved soon. Page One is heavily injured and Ulti makes a run for Big Moon.

Nami: “Ulti-chan!! Let’s take down Big Mom together!!”
Ulti: “Shut up! After I’m finished with Big Mom, you guys are next!!”

Nami hits Ulti with the thunderbolt and she lays lifeless on the ground now! And Nami is not running away. She desires to kill Ulti.

The chapter ends here but the spoilers don’t. You do not have to wait long. The next chapter spoilers will be available shortly. We can expect the scan to release around 15th May 2021. be sure to check.

One Piece Episode 967

One Piece Previous Chapter 1011 Explained!!!

large Mom comes to assault Kid and Killer with Hera, a lightning-fueled homie. Zeus is able to escape from his limits to go and look for Big Mom. He Law transports himself and Zoro inside the Skull Dome, leaving Luffy to battle Kaido alone. Kaido’s stronghold impacts the child and the killer. In order to discover Big Mom, they fight again. The kid progresses forward while the killer is behind fights.

One Piece Chapter 1012
In the meantime, Nami, Usopp, and Tama ride Komachiyo up to the Live Floor, yet the two privateers battle to shake Page One-off their path. They run into Big Mom, who is pleased to see Tama, and recalls what happened during the time she had amnesia.

At that point Big Mom reviews the dinner she had at Okobore Town, Tama reveals to her that the Beasts Pirates set it ablaze. This maddens Big Mom and makes her hit Page One with a Haoshoku Haki-imbued punch. This is where people believe One Piece 1012 will start.

Where To Read One Piece Manga?

You can read One Piece Chapter 1012 and the whole manga series for free digitally from the official Shonen Jump website and application. Viz Manga is also a great application for reading manga, at just 2$/month subscription. One Piece Chapter 1012 will be also available on Netflix in the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

More About The One Piece Manga

Eiichiro Oda is the writer and illustrator of One Piece. Shonen Jump’s website and application publish the show since 1995. You can also find One Piece Chapter 1012 from May 9, 2021, on Shonen Jump’s website. One Piece has completed more than a thousand episodes. It has more than a thousand characters sharing screentime with. Franky is the main and most liked character of the show from start.

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