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Even If You Don’t Love Me Chapter 25

Many of you must be wanting to know what will happen in the next. The BL manhwa Even if you don’t love me is set to release its chapter 25 soon. Want to know what will happen? Read the full coverage of this article to know about the release date, spoilers, were to read it online, and many more.

When is chapter 25 of Even if you don’t love me releasing?

As the author updates the chapter after every 14 days, chapter 25 of Even if you don’t love me manhwa might release in the first week of May. But we never know because it might release earlier than usual.

Even If You Don't Love Me Chapter 25

Even if you don’t love me Chapter 25 Spoilers

As we know all that when Korean translations chapters are updated, we can know the spoilers. In the upcoming chapter 25 of Even if you don’t love me, it seems Joo Seung Eon and Min Ji Wook will have some verbal fight. And also Joo Seung Eon will forcefully kiss him and confess. Min Ji Wook will think about all the confessions Seung Eon say to him. Will you be able to wait for the next chapter after reading the spoiler. For those who know Korean, the translations are available and the author has updated till chapter 27.

Even if you don’t love me the Previous Chapter Explained

In chapter 24, we witnessed that Seung Won and Ji Wook having some drinks at a cafe. They talked about their family and all. Later, Seung Won gave Ji Wook bought some food to have with his father. In this chapter, you see that Seung Won is slapped by his sister and tells him to behave and all. At the result of a result, it seems Seung Eon secured first in the mid-term and praised him in front of Ji Wook. The chapter ends with Ji Wook running away while Seung Won calls for him.

Even If You Don't Love Me Chapter 25

Where To Read Even If You Don’t Love Me Chapter 25

Even if you don’t love me manhwa is available to read on Mangaowls or Manhua Scan.

Brief: Even if you don’t love me 

Even if you don’t love me is a Korean yaoi manhua. The story is about a poor boy named Min Ji Wook who gets accepted into Daehan High School which is for rich students only. There he will meet a boy named Joo Seung Won who is the son of Korea’s largest conglomerate. And another mysterious boy named Kwon Hyung Seo, the son of the Ilkang Group. Let’s see how he deals with both the boys.

Characters of Even if you don’t love me 

  • Min Ji Wook is the main protagonist and also the boy who is trapped in poverty.
  • Joo Seung Eon is also the main protagonist and the youngest son of Korea’s largest conglomerate JS Group.
  • Kwon Hyung Seo is the eldest son of Ilkang Group but somewhat acts kind in front of Min Ji Wook.

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Anime Spoiler And News

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