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Selena’s The Series Part 2 Release date and Where to Watch Online. 

Selena's The Series Part 2 Release date and Where to Watch Online. 

“Selena The Series” depicts the life of an amazing Mexican Singer/Music Artist known as Selena Quintanilla. The character of Selena Quintanilla is played by the actress Christian Serratos. Selena is known for her Tejano Music. She has a unique sense of style as well. Big hoop earring, classy red lip, and of course her beautiful signature fringed hairdo. But she is much more than a singer, let’s find out more in Selena’s The Series Part 2. 

What Happened In Selena The Series Part One?

The first part of the series encompasses a total of 9 episodes. Each episode is labeled after the names of her songs. The first part of the series covers her journey from performing in the family band called Selena y Los Dinos in her childhood to having her own concert shows in her adulthood. Although the first part kind of ends on a negative note because of the Introduction of her murderer, Yolanda Saldivar. Selena was shot dead in 1995.  

Selena's The Series Part 2 Release date and Where to Watch Online. 

What to Expect from Selena’s The Series Part 2?

Selena’s The Series Part 2 will focus on big moments in professional life as well as her personal life. Part Two of this series is believed to unfold more drama than part one. This part will show her getting married to the love of her life, Chris Perez. Jesse Posey portrays the part of her love interest i.e. Chris Perez. Chris was a guitarist in the family band. He was fired by Selena’s father after the two were caught in a love affair. Although they overcame all of the obstacles and got hitched in 1992. 

Part two of the series also focuses on her struggle throughout her career. It shows how Selena juggled between her family, profession, and love. The Series also shows important moments in Selena’s music career like Meeting young Beyonce, winning a grammy, opening her first boutique, and last but not least her last performance in Houston Astrodome in 1995. 

Are you excited for the release of Selena’s The Series Part 2 too?

Selena's The Series Part 2 Release date and Where to Watch Online. 

Selena’s The Series Part 2 Release Date. 

According to the buzz around and Netflix’s announcement Selena The Series Part Two is dated to broadcast on May 14, 2021. 

Selena’s The Series Part 2 Where To Watch? 

The show is going to be available on Netflix worldwide.

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