Blind Play Chapter 18 Read Online- Release Date, Spoilers

One of the most psychological yaoi webtoons has already reached the 17th chapter. But still, the readers can’t wait for the next chapter update. Blind Play is one of the newest yaoi webtoons that increased an immense number of readers every day. Scroll down the article below to know about the Blind Play Chapter 18 release date, the spoiler, and much more.

Blind Play Chapter 18 Release Date

Are you excited to know the next chapter release date of Blind play webtoon? Although there is no official statement for the release of chapter 18. Blind Play webtoon chapter 18 might release this weekend or next week. As the author updates the chapter every week, don’t feel upset.


Blind Play Chapter 18 Read Online- Release Date, Spoilers

 Blind Play Chapter 18 Spoiler

The author is not updating or releasing any spoiler for the upcoming chapter 18 of Blind Play. And also the Korean Translations are not available yet. So, the fans won’t be uploading any translation in the social media.

Blind Play Webtoon Previous Chapter Explained

The previous chapter of Blind Play starts with Ah In seeing the watch on the floor. He knows that it is watch to Jeong Yeon and knows he is here. At that time, Seo Ilmo comes out of the bathroom and we see at the back Jeong Yeon is lying on the bathroom. At that time, Ah In asks if he is finished and tells him to come. He tells Seo Ilmo that he prepares everything he wants.

Then, Seo Ilmo starts massaging his body erotically. While in that, Seo Ilmo narrates about all his past and he ends the story by a telling a dog will come out. At that moment, Ah-In sees Jeong Yeon coming out of the bathroom by crawling naked. The chapter ends with Jeong Yeon raising his hand to help him. While Seo Ilmo asks if he can see something. Will Seo Ilmo be the truth that Ah In is not blind? Wait for the next update.

Blind Play Chapter 18 Read Online- Release Date, Spoilers

Where to read Blind Play webtoon

You can read Blind Play on Sortie manga or Lezhin comics. One good thing about sortie manga website is they will notify you in your email about the latest chapter release.

More about Blind Play webtoon

Blind Play is a psychological or horror yaoi webtoon. YD is the author and LIke is the illustrator of this webtoon. It is about a gay masseur named Ah In who is brought up in an orphanage. As he is poor, he wants to get rich fast so he gets a job as a gay masseur. He disguises himself as a blind person while with the clients. There he will meet a mysterious client named Seo Ilmo who is also an author. When he meets that guy at his house, he will see some disgusting scene. Read the webtoon to know whether he will pretend not to see or will he join what he is doing.

Characters of Blind Play Webtoon

  • Ah In is the main protagonist who works as a gay masseur and pretends to be blind.
  • Seo Ilmo or author Nim is also the main protagonist who is one of the clients of Ah In.
  • Jeon Yeon is the one staying with Ah In.
  • Han Jijoong is the fan of author Nim and the one covered in blood near Seo Ilmo.
  • Han Myeong Jun is the friend of Ah In and the only one who knows his secret.


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