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Blue Exorcist Chapter 131 Release Date, Spoilers And More


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Blue Exorcist Chapter 131 Release Date


Blue Exorcist Chapter 131 will release in the first week of June! On 3 June 2021 at 8:30 pm (IST) be ready for the ultimate fight. The spoilers will release in the last week of May, as expected by fans.

Blue Exorcist Chapter 130 Explained

“Of one cloth shine” is the name of episode 130. The episode starts with frustration and worries. Satan has taken physical form and Shemihaza has crystallized. Shemihaza sacrificed her life to save the land. They further discover that the King of the Earth, Amaimon does not actually have a human body. She took pity on the poor king and agreed to keep him as a servant if he left his body.

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Kirigakure now has to subjugate the king as her last test. She lacks confidence and it will help. She is all alone. Her grandmother leaves because she cannot go along anymore. They both remember their last year. how they enjoyed being the guardian spirit and student.

The attack starts and there aren’t enough Arias. Even the defensive wall is not strong enough. Some people began to wonder if everything is ok with Rin and Yukio. What happened? Is this possible? How can the lighting just stop mid-air!? Finally to relief, Mephisto comes to help them. with only 5 minutes in hand, everyone regroups.

lightning is not stopping. Yukio has his eyes. fear sets upon everyone but Yukio needs to talk. Is he responsible for Satan’s return? He finds himself at fault for closing his eyes. Determined, he gathers everyone and motivates them to finish him here only.

Here comes the king of insects. But being light-headed, Rin jokes about how childish Yukio is. Everyone relaxes and joins Rin and Yukio in their “fight”. All are happy and determined to kill Stan now.

Where To Read Blue Exorcist

With many sites available, My Anime list and Viz are one of the best. Blue Exorcist Chapter 131 will also be available here shortly. For anime lovers, Netflix has both the chapters and the movie to enjoy for a subscription.

More About Blue Exorcist

Can someone travel between spaces? Go in for a dive in different realms? Gehenna and Assiah are two people living in different realms. They have never met or never traveled between realms. Stories and movies influence all. Telling us we can leave ur realm but for a price, by a possession.

Blue Exorcist is a story about Rin Okumura and his father, an Exorcist. A casual day and he gets to know that he is Satan’s son. The story thus revolves around his journey to different realms and his wish to defeat Satan by becoming an Exorcist after all.

Writer Kazue Katō illustrates the story himself. She is now working on Blue Exorcist Chapters 131 and 132. Jump SQ serializes the story in their magazine since 2009. With more than 26 volumes published, this story holds the heart of many anime lovers and readers around the globe.

For more updates, stay tuned at The Global Coverage.

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