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Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Chapter 83 Release Date & Spoilers !!!

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Chapter 83

This Korean manhwa Ranker who lives a second time is one of the most loved manhwas. Everybody knows about this and the readers can’t wait anymore for the next chapters. Read the full coverage of this article to know about the Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Chapter 83 release date, the spoiler, recap, and Much more.

Ranker who lives a second-time chapter 83 release date

As the author updated the Korean translation of Ranker who lives a second time. The official English translation will be available anytime soon. The release date is expected to be 7 May 2021

Ranker who lives a second time Chapter 83 spoiler

There have been rumors circulating about Ranker who lives a second-time chapter 83 that Yeon woo might learn the focal points. And he will become powerful after he learned about it. If you want to know more, the novel is also available, you can read it there. Or you can search on social media because the author updates the Korean translation. The fans might have translated there.

Ranker who lives a second-time chapter 83 explained

In the previous chapter 83 of Ranker who lives a second time, we witness that Soul of the Witch Doctor is evolved successfully. And all the effects and everything has been activated. Yeon asks the witch what magic he is capable of. The witch replies he could use most types of magic. Yeon Woo asks him to show all of it.

Later, Yeon Woo with the help of the Witch Doctor, Shanon is alive again. Yeon Woo narrates about how he is alive again and all. Shanon requests him to free and make him stronger in exchange for obeying him. Afterward, Yeon woo asks him to get ready for war. The chapter ends with Shanon becomes a Death Knight and becoming Yeon Woo’s partner to help Yeon Woo learn about focal points.

Where to Read- Ranker who lives a second time ?

Ranker who lives a second is available on Lezhin comics. Read before the author locks the chapter as you will be needing coins in unlocking it.

More About The Mangwa

Ranker who lives a second time is a Korean manhwa based in action, adventure, or fantasy. Nong is the author and Sa Doyeon is the illustrator. The novel is available for those who want to read. The story revolves around a boy named Yeon Woo whose twin disappeared five years ago. And one day, he finds a pocket watch which is his brother’s possession. In there, he finds a diary and his brother wrote that if he ever hears this that means he is dead. Read this manhwa to know if he will ever see his brother or not.

Characters of Ranker who lives a second time

  • Cha Yeon Woo is the main protagonist of Ranker who lives a second time.
  • Cha Jeon Woo is the younger twin brother of Cha Yeon Woo.
  • Kahn is the one to scout Yeon Woo and an experienced fighter.
  • Doyle is the brother of Kahn and also an experienced fighter.
  • Phante is the prince of the One-Horned Tribe.
  • Edora is the princess of the One-Horned Tribe.
  • Henova is the dwarf and former member of Arthia.

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