Silent War Chapter 126 Release Date, Spoilers And More

When Silent War Chapter 126 Releasing?

Silent War, also known as My Kingdom has been one of the most participated 18+ Korean romantic webtoon to read as the creators have put all in up to chapter 125 and now the fan’s are looking forward to the next chapter i.e Silent War chapter 126 and it’s not miles way as the author Yang Shi stated that he would be back with more on June 1, so it’s possible that he would be talking about the next chapter and what’s more to come in.

Silent War Chapter 126 Spoilers!!

The news we have so far is about the release of the next chapter. Given the time, the spoilers will only drop in a few days before the releasing day so for now, there are no spoilers to attain but rumors go around with different kinds of spoilers and predictions but who knows for now what would happen? We’d update you as soon as we would retrieve updates about the spoiler or anything related to the next part that would be arriving soon. The questions would be finally answered once a little update of Silent War chapter 126 is given.

Silent War Chapter 126 Release Date, Spoilers And More

Silent War Previous Chapter In A Nutshell!!

Hyun who is regarded as the original character of the webtoon has a close personality when it comes to the artist. A woman named Sophie with a bad mouth that only speaks ill of anyone has an affection towards his boyfriend Gunner. She doesn’t care when she’s not able to hold attention from Mia.

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More About The Mangwa!

Silent War (My Kingdom) consists of all the dramatic and scenes that one would ask. It has more than just drama, talking about Romantic stories, Mature, and Harem. Everything is filled with depth in this webtoon and is written by Tharchog and illustrated by Yang Shi. This webtoon was started in 2018 and it has been globally recognized since then which made the author work on more than 120 chapters throughout.


Silent War Chapter 126 Release Date, Spoilers And More

It portrays a story of a guy named Hyun when unexpected endeavors take place in his life and he counters such situations as he gets too close to anyone when he is not supposed to. Now the chain of events that are set in motion due to his actions and decisions will actually grab the reader’s attention to grasp. Go through the story to know more about what happens when he’s dealt with such situations in his life?

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Where to read Silent War?

It’s always legit to read in any ways legal as possible as you could head to Lezhin comics if you would like to cover mover of the story in-depth and want to know more about the parts and situations that will be revealed in the certain chapters that are already there and the few more with news and updates that will be here in some time. If you want to cover the raws, you can head to Bomtoon to cover more of the story.

Silent War Chapter 126 Release Date, Spoilers And More

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