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Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer Net Worth | Dogecoin Founders Net Worth is Here

Dogecoin is something that everyone knows about now. It’s a big name in the world of cryptocurrency. But do you know about their owner Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer and their Net worth? So do you also want to know about Billy Markus or Jackson Palmer Net Worth?

Everyone knows about the success and growth of Dogecoin, but how many of you know about the men behind it? In the whole promotion and success of the Brand, the owners get overshadowed a lot. But this has no impact on their importance and existence.

So let’s get to know about Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer Net Worth in more detail.

Who are Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer? 

  • Billy and Jackson are basically software engineers by profession.
  • They started Dogecoin way back in 2010.
  • At that time it was started as a meme cryptocurrency based on Blockchain technology.
  • But by constant growth and increasing popularity, it is now amongst the top cryptocurrencies of the world.

What is the Net worth of Dogecoin? 

  1. Dogecoin is one of the best Cryptocurrency to invest in right now.
  2. It is trading at the rate of ₹34.989/ Dogecoin.
  3. The Dogecoin net worth is more than 17 Billion in today’s date.
  4. This is way more than many big MNCs and company brands in the market.
  5. It’s now the 8th largest cryptocurrency by volume in the market.

Billy Markus net worth

Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer Net worth

  • Well coming to the point, the exact numbers have never been released by either of them. Everyone wants to know about Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer Net worth. But no speculations have been released till now.
  • However knowing that the total Dogecoin Net worth is more than 17 Billion, they surely hold a good share in it.
  • Some resources indicate that the estimated net worth of both is around $200 Million to $300 Million Dollars.
  • This is just an estimate, the real worth may be much more than that.

This was all about Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer’s net worth.

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