Black Clover Chapter 292: Release Date, Spoilers and More Explained!!

Read all about the manga series written by Yuki Tabata, Black Clover Chapter 292: Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Read Online and Previous Chapter and More Explained!! Go through the full article below.

Black Clover Short Synopsis

This series revolves around a young boy named Asta who lacks magic in a world where magic is everything and is a must. Born and brought up at an orphanage in Hage Village along with his rival Yuno who together aims to be the Wizard King and change the world. Yuno specializes in wind magic and has a four-leaf clover grimoire, which is said to be a rare grimoire and Asta has a five-leaf clover grimoire which is said to hold a devil inside. Together with his rival, he set out in the world to be at the top and prove his worth.

Black Clover Chapter 292

Black Clover Chapter 292 Release Date and Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 292 will be out this Sunday, 9th May 2021. The latest chapter is titled “The Highest vs The Lowest” and is going to be an epic battle between Dante and Magna. As Dante’s and Jack’s fight is at a near end Zora and Magna reach out to his rescue but Dante is not bothered by Magna because he finds his magic is at a low level and he won’t be entertaining him as much as Jack did. Even Jack tells them to go away as they could do nothing and be a burden, to which Magna replies that he is the only one who would defeat Dante to rescue Captain Yami.

This agitates Dante and he powers up to beat Magna and teach him a lesson to not wander where you don’t belong. Magna attacks Dante with a chain and soon Dante acknowledges that he is not able to use 100 percent of his power which leaves him shocked as he is getting beaten up by a peasant. Although, Zora seems to stop Magna to not use the Secret Flame Magic as it is still raw but together with the help of Zora who also might have a few new tricks up his sleeve and Jack will defeat Dante.


Black Clover Chapter 292

Black Clover Chapter 292: Where to Read Online!

 Recap of Black Clover Chapter 291 !!

In the previous chapter, we see Asta defeat a high-level demon and he thinks that Nacht is just like Captain Yami. Also, they need to come up with a solution to defeat the Dark Triad fast to stop them from bringing any more demons from the underworld. Meanwhile, both the black bull peasants, Zora and Magna come to save Jack and defeat Dante. But Dante doesn’t recognizes the true power of the new Magna and underestimates him and is getting hit by an overpowered Magna.

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