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Cameron Diaz Is Broke After Quitting Hollywood And Now Working 9 To 5 Job

In 2014, Cameron Diaz announces her retirement from the industry and now rumor begins to spread that Cameron Diaz Is Broke After Quitting Hollywood And Now Working 9 To 5 Jobs. Is it true?

Cameron Diaz Quitting Hollywood 

Who doesn’t know Cameron Diaz? I am sure we all have come across her name at least once. She acted in so many blockbuster movies that it’s even hard to keep count. From Shrek to Charlie’s Angels to There’s something about Mary’s. She really did fit in all the kinds of roles. In recent years, she announced her retirement and is said to be leaving Hollywood. This got all of her fans bummed, I bet.  Moreover, we heard that financially, Cameron Diaz Is Broke now.

Well currently, this 48-Year-old American beauty is speculated to be broke and working a 9 to 5 job like an office employee. Is it true? Is she really poverty-stricken? 

Let’s line down facts and analyze them ourselves. 

Cameron Diaz Working 9 To 5 Job

This very talented actress walked out of the Hollywood business just after her debut in the 2014 Annie’s Remake. She used to be a queen of the movie industry once upon a time and ruled Hollywood during the 90s and 2000s. She served 20 years in the Hollywood Industry and at some point, people thought she would never quit that is, until the day she announced her retirement in 2014. But who would have through one day love of Hollywood would hear the news of “Cameron Diaz Is Broke”.

Cameron Diaz Is Broke After Quitting Hollywood And Now Working 9 To 5 Job

Cameron Reason for Quitting Hollywood

Cameron Diaz is believed to be starting a family in recent years. She got hitched to the famous Benji Madden from the pop-rock band “Madden Brothers” in the year 2015. She also gave birth to a baby girl who is now known as Radix Madden in the year 2019. If you observe close enough you will realize that she started her personal life after her retirement. Which seems like a good enough reason to quit the industry. Now if, Cameron Diaz Is Broke is there a chance we would see Cameron back in the industry?

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Cameron wanted time for her family and to discover herself. She says that she doesn’t want to live a glamorous Hollywood lifestyle anymore. She also says that she could use as little spotlight as possible as she wants to live her ‘normal’ life without being surrounded by paparazzi or guards all the time. 

Cameron doesn’t regret her decision to retire at all. In fact, she believes that she is finally seeing herself beyond just a Hollywood actress. Her family is her top priority at the moment. Cameron also wants to be an always “available” mother at the moment and doesn’t want to miss out on Raddix’s childhood chasing fame. Still, think Cameron Diaz is Broke?

Cameron Diaz Is Broke After Quitting Hollywood And Now Working 9 To 5 Job

Cameron Diaz Is Broke?

Even after her retirement, she is not missing out on a lot. She used her retirement as an excuse to publish her very own books named ‘The Body Book’ and ‘The Longevity. Apart from soul searching, she also co-created her very own wine brand called “Avaline”. Cameron is making her ‘at home’ life enjoyable and seeking every opportunity she can. And let’s not forget her role as a great mother. 

So to answer the previously risen question, Cameron Diaz is broke? No, she is definitely not. But She is definitely working 9 to 5 job, on herself!

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Stay with the global coverage for more updates. 

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