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I am the Sorcerer King Chapter 140/ 139: Release Date, Spoilers

I am the Sorcerer King Chapter 139

Know all about the action-based superficial and adventure manhwa manga series written by MIRO, which is based on a novel by Decaspell I am the Sorcerer King Chapter 139: Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Read Online, and More!!!

I am the Sorcerer King Plot Synopsis

This series starts with our main protagonist a very young Lee Sunghoon who has suffered from injury hunting monsters and gets hold of his previous life in this process. He remembers he was a Sorcerer king Kuratauras in his previous reincarnation and that’s how this fun tale begins.

I am the Sorcerer King Chapter 139 Explained

I am the Sorcerer King Chapter 139

I am the Sorcerer King Chapter 139 released on 2nd May 2021 and as for the Chapter 140 there has not been any updates yet, but we at the TGC will surely update you when it hits out. The next chapter will be vital as they surface upon a form of a world tree on Jupiter. But we can be sure our main guy would triumph on all threats.

Where to Read Online I am the Sorcerer King Chapter 139-140


Preview of I am the Sorcerer King Chapter 139

The latest chapter begins with the end of the fight where Yeoyoung emerges victorious with the help of Lee Sunghoon, he is also stunned by the fact of her growth in this battle. He even compares her talent and growth with the Martian Gods. Meanwhile, a new dungeon opens up and six months later self-titled saviors Zoroastrianism‘ overpowers earth.

I am the sorcerer King Chapter 139

A new god of light and wisdom Ahura Mazda has emerged and seems to share his power freely without any restraints to everyone. The two religion of U.S and Iran has been clashing for power and the angels are also busy creating a temple in the north. Mars on the other hand sees a new tier 4 dungeon every day which is tiresome for Sunghoon.

Without the use of any magic he finishes off the monsters, although still he is stuck so sunghoon comes back to earth to assess the situation and finds out there are spirits out there and dungeons have been opening up on other planets as well. While optimizing threat levels on planets they find out that Jupiter has a form of a world tree

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Anime Spoiler And News

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