Is Jaden Smith Dead? Cause Of The Death Rumor Going On The Internet

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Is the “Pursuit of Happiness” actor and his son dead? Why is there a piece of news on the internet regarding the Jaden Smith Dead? 

There has been a great hoax happening on the internet after a piece of news regarding the death of Will Smith and his 18-year-old son Jaden Smith.

Facebook post- Will Smith And Jaden Smith Dead?

This Facebook post containing the death of the Smith family contains the fake logo of BBC news. Furthermore, it stated that Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith died in a car accident. This post created great tension among the netizens. The Facebook post read that the car in which the actor and his son were traveling met with an accident. It was also added that the car was hit by a truck. Thereby leaving both Will Smith and Jaden Smith dead.

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After the post regarding the death of Jaden Smith was circulated among the netizens, an investigation was done. The closest relatives of Will Smith confirmed that they both are alive and doing well. None the less there is no response from Jaden Smith yet regarding the rumor.

Will Smith is so famously known amongst everyone for his acting in the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness.” The Smith family has become prey to the fake rumors of death hoax this time.

Is Jaden Smith Dead? Cause Of The Death Rumor Going On The Internet

What Is The Cause Of The Post Containing The Death Of Jaden Smith?

Therefore it turns out to be that the Will Smith and Jaden Smith dead was a complete scam. The Facebook post about the death of Jaden Smith was just a trick to trap the users to click on the website to guide them to malicious networks. In addition to that these sites would pose to be a danger to the netizens. Moreover, users are requested not to click on such web pages to stay on the safer side. Death hoaxes to celebrities are so common nowadays. Therefore internet users are highly requested to think before they make a click.

Earlier Rumours

The death hoax keeps surfacing now than for celebrities and then the internet is filled up with fans and haters. some of them say nice things and pay tributes while others are mean. People often get believed by this death hoax and rather than confirming this news they spread it like fire in the woods.

Previous Incidents Relating To Jaden Smith Dead-

Jaden Smith has been the target of such a death hoax several times from when he was just in his teen years to now when he is an adult. But this death hoax involved his father too which never happened in the earlier ones. When Jaden Smith was a teenager back in 2012 in the month of July there were rumors going around the country that Jaden met with a snowboarding accident and is severely hurt. Later in a span of few days, the rumor turned into a death hoax that Jaden Smith dies due to that accident. instantly it was made public that Jaden is fully healthy and has have had no injuries at all.

Likewise in 2016 again his death hoax started making tittle-tattle on the internet this time it was no accident but his suicide hoax. There were tweets, websites stating that Jaden Smith committed Suicide. A video floated all along with the internet where Jaden was saying Goodbye which was thought to be his suicide video turns out it was just a casual fun video nothing else. But people speculated reasons for his suicide and started linking it with his girlfriend cheating on him which made him depressed and compelled him to commit suicide. This time it was the car accident.

Jaden Smith’s Reaction To Death Hoax-

Will Smith never really reacted to this death hoax and he actually does not care about such rumors whether it’s regarding his son’s or his wife or himself either. Jaden Smith is eventually a bit different from his father Will Smith he cares about this hoax but acts like he doesn’t care. Our sources told us that Jaden thinks these hoaxes are for people who have grown popular and sees it as a positive sign for his career. He thinks this helps him being in trending news all the time adding to his popularity. On the other side, he is also overwhelmed by the fact that his fans care for him so much and they feel all sad and broken after reading about that death hoax.

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