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Painter Of The Night Chapter 77 / 76 Release Date, Spoilers

Painter of The Night Chapter 77 : Release Date &Third Season All Details
Painter of The Night Chapter 77 : Release Date &Third Season All Details

Historical and erotic at the same time, that’ why this yaoi webtoon Painter of the night is unique compare to other yaois. The character development and also the story is on another level. That’s why the fans can’t wait for long for the release of the next season. Read the full coverage of this article to know about Painter Of The Night Chapter 77 release date, the spoiler, recap, and many more.

Painter of the night chapter 77 Release Date

Painter of the night webtoon ended with their second season just recently. And the third season will start from chapter 77. The author stated that the webtoon will be put on hold before starting the third season. But don’t feel upset as the author confirms for the next season’s release. The third season for Painter of the night will be back in August that is only four months away.

Painter Of The Night Chapter 77 / 76 Release Date, Spoilers

Painter of the night chapter 77 Spoilers

Regarding the spoiler for Painter of the night webtoon chapter 77, the author is not releasing any. As the third season is not coming anytime soon, the author might update a bit later like a few days before the official release of the chapter.

Painter of the night previous chapter explained

Painter of the night chapter 76 starts with people in the village searching for No-Name. At that time, Yoon Seungho arrives and people bow down. Seungho sees Na-Kyum trembling on the ground. Na-Kyum thought it was somebody else and tells to free him. And Seungho tells it is him and he relaxes and hugs him. At the same time, No-Name, Lee Jihwa, and Min meet up at a storeroom. They discuss what they will do.

In the next scene, we witnessed Na-Kyum sitting on the lap of Lord Seungho while Seungho tries to calm him down. Seungho sees some people interested in some kind of music as they have never seen. The last chapter of the second ends with Na-Kyum calming down from hearing the music while in Seungho’s lap.

Where to read Painter of the night online

Painter of the night webtoon is available to read on Lezhin comics. You need to unlock some chapters with coins as they are locked.

More about Painter of the night webtoon

Painter of the night is a Korean yaoi webtoon and one of the famous BL. Byeonduck is the illustrator of this webtoon. It is about a young painter named Na-Kyum. He draws many erotic pictures of men. And he publishes all his pictures under a nickname and decides to quit painting. But Seungho comes into his life and forces him to draw by becoming his private painter. But Na-Kyum never thought he would be doing something he never imagines. Will Na-Kyum be able to become Seungho’s private painter?

Characters of Painter of the night webtoon

  • Yoon Seungho is the main protagonist and is from a noble family.
  • Baek Na-Kyum is also the main protagonist and a painter who draws erotic pictures.
  • Lee Jihwa is the one associated with Seungho and the subject of the painting drawn by Na-Kyum.
  • Jung In-Hun is the poet that is used by Seungo to control Na-Kyum.
  • Seung-won is the younger brother of Seungho.
  • Deok-Jae is a servant and gets jealous of Na-Kyum.
  • Mumyeong or No-Name is the assassin.
  • Min is the one who is supported by Yoon.
  • Heena is Nakyum’s noona(older sister) but not biological.

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