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Whose Baby Is It? Chapter 139 Release Date, Spoilers

whose baby is it? chapter 139

Whose Baby Is It? Chapter 139 Release Date

Whose Baby Is It Chapter 139 is expected to be released soon this week. There is still a lot of confusion going on regarding the date and time because of the irregularity of the release of previous chapters. But because the last update was on April 25, 2021, there is a high chance that the next chapter will release in this week.

With a great rating of 4.2, according to Zinmanga. the show is a hit. Where readers cannot help but come back for more. But the spoilers are not yet released.

Whose Baby Is It? Chapter 138 Explained

Whose baby is it? the chapter starts with a bath. Yi Yun has just got out of the shower. it is evening and he asks Jin Yao Feng to give it a shot. Embarrassed by his wordings and actions, all he can think about is water, shower, and Jin Yao Feng.

His decision to say yes is all he thinks. But the minute their eyes contacted, he gave up. his mesmerizing eyes are all he can think of! He wonders if he should deny now!? Jin Yao Feng enters the room and questions Yi Yun. Jin wants to know if Yi really wants him or not. Shy and red Yi’s heartbeat goes faster and faster. He is too ashamed to answer Jin. Jin as communicative he is assures Yi that he also feels the same!

Yi wonders how is Jin so calm considering his heartbeat. Jin leans in for a kiss but teases Yi instead. They both end up hugging so tightly that one’s rib could crack. Back in the blanket, Yi again starts to toss and turn trying to calm himself and his emotions.

Still wondering about Jin he forgets that Jin actually is sitting beside him. Embarrassed Yi forces Jin to sleep rather than talk. Inside the blanket, they talk about how the appearance of a girl has made Yi insecure. Jin says that he is not single anymore and he will not hide it.

Jin holds Yin and assures him that he can take as much time as he wants before going public. For Jin, Yi is a priority. the chapter ends here with a question. Why is Jin into Yi and why? Whose Baby Is It? Chapter 139 will probably begin here.

Whose Baby Is It? Chapter 139

Whose Baby Is It? Chapter 139

Where To Read Whose Baby Is It Chapter 139?

Although whose baby is it? manga is quite popular but it’s not found on common sites. To read Whose Baby Is It? Chapter 139 visit Web Comics App or Manga Owl. The manga has not been converted to an animated format yet. So enjoy the read while staying safe at your home.

More About Whose Baby Is It?

Whose Baby Is It? shows a 4-year-old boy who wishes to find a dad. Much to his surprise, two men from different backgrounds claim him as their own. One is a millionaire with everything and a poor star with nothing but dreams. One is cold as ice and with the other everything’s nice. A gay manga representing LGBTQ “frenimies”.

A simple encounter at the fertility clinic changed the life of all. Even the innocent Rourou, who somehow has foretelling dreams. He cannot unsee what everyone cannot acknowledge. There comes the fortune-teller claiming that the poor guy has bad luck.

There is no running away from the truth. He has to accept what she told him.
The boy is biracial with superpowers and two dads. A lot of drama and a lot of light-hearted fights. Whose Baby Is It? is very subtle and romantic!


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