Why is Dogecoin Price Spiking? Is Dogecoin Going to the Moon

Dogecoin Price Prediction For 8th May 2021, Can Dogecoin Price HIT $1?

Dogecoin which came as a meme cryptocurrency is now no less than a leading cryptocurrency unit. This is because of the high potential it haves as a major cryptocurrency in the future. Also, the investors are always curious about whether Why is Dogecoin Price Spiking? Is Dogecoin going to the moon? 

And now Elon Musk going on Saturday Night Live will again change the game of the market towards Dogecoin.

Here you will know everything about The Dogecoin going up!!

What is Dogecoin? 

It’s also a type of cryptocurrency which is actually based on Blockchain technology. It started as a meme face in 2010 and then got its new birth in the form of “Dogecoin” in 2013. It was created by two engineers, Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer. Now it is a leading Cryptocurrency unit in the market with high-profit potential.

Why is Dogecoin Price spiking

Also, know about Why is Dogecoin Going Up. All Forthcoming prediction and everything you need to know

Why is Dogecoin Price Spiking!!! 

  • Well talking of recent times, the major reason for the spike of Dogecoin Price is because of Elon Musk.
  • Elon Musk has been around Dogecoin every now and then.
  • With his tweets and his impact on the market, he has always given that height to Dogecoin.
  • Now his future appearance on SNL is going to become a major reason for the hike in Price.
  • Also, other reasons for the persistent growth in the market are – High-Profit potential; Constant Support from big bulls.
  • These are the reasons Why is Dogecoin Price Spiking and Why it has managed to be in the market for so long.

Dogecoin Price Prediction:

There is the following Price prediction of Dogecoin:

  • The current trading Price of Dogecoin is 0.346 USD.
  • This is tending to increase up to 0.5035 in the coming week.
  • Moreover, the growth is really very high and will be touching $ 1 Price by the end of 2021.
  • Dogecoin has already Registered a record-breaking growth of 1600% just at the start of January 2021.

This was all about Dogecoin and Why is Dogecoin Price Spiking.

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