World Trigger Chapter 208 Release Date- Time, Spoilers

Guys, let me share some good news. One of your favorite supernatural manga World Trigger will be releasing their chapter 208. The author has confirmed the next update. Scroll sone the full coverage of the article to know about the release date, the spoilers, recap, and many more.

World Trigger Chapter 208 Release Date

Just recently, the author announced on Viz Media that the World Trigger Chapter 208 will update on 3rd June of 2021. The timing for the release will be around 12:00 am which is in JST. You can calculate the time slot according to Japan’s timing. And the title will be announced a bit later.

World Trigger Chapter 208 Spoilers

World Trigger Chapter 208 Release Date- Time, Spoilers

Regarding about World Trigger Chapter 208 spoiler, it hasn’t circulated around social media as of now. As we have told earlier, if the raw scans are available, you will easily know what will happen next. For now, the Japanese translation is not updated yet, so it will be impossible for the spoiler.

World Trigger previous chapter explained

The title of the previous chapter of World Trigger is called Expedition Selection Exam 5. In this episode, the examinees will be introduced to their teams because the sealed environment of the exam will begin. We also witness Utagawa explaining to his team to focus on mobility in long-term combat. He tells Yuma and Tomoe not to be so impatient. Ikoma will be seen feeling upset as Tsuji is not giving her attention. Kuruma tells his team that they have good stamina for a drawn-out battle. The chapter ends with Usami observing and telling his team that they have so much to do.World Trigger Chapter 208 Release Date- Time, Spoilers

Where to read World Trigger manga

You can read World Trigger manga on Viz Media. The author updates a new chapter every month.

More about World Trigger manga

World Trigger is an ongoing Japanese manga. Daisuke Ashihara is the author and Illustrator of this manga. It happens in Mikado City where a gateway to a parallel universe is opened. From that many gigantic invincibles creates threaten the human world. And for all the humans to fight back, there is a defense mysterious group of warriors who have co-opted the Allen technology. Will humans are able to fight back all the invincible creatures? Read the manga to know.

Characters of World Trigger Manga

  • Osamu Mikumo is one of the main characters of World Trigger and the Captain and Shooter of Tamakoma Second.
  • Yuma Kuga is also one of the main characters who is a young mysterious neighbor child.
  • Chika Amatori is the main character, a B-rank Sniper and member of Tamakoma Second.
  • Yuichi Jin is also the main character who is an A-rank member of Border which is a part of the Tamakoma Branch.

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