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My Hero Academia chapter 311 release date

For all the hype that has been running around for the next chapter of My Hero Academia chapter 311, it’s a treat for the fans as the next chapter is releasing on Sunday, 9th of May that would be available to read.

My Hero Academia chapter 311 Spoilers!!

In the previous chapters of My Hero Academia, Deku was able to retrieve the full power of the One for All status with the help of the successors. According to some sources, Deku with dedication and commitment would work and train hard so that he could fill powers. It is said that Deku will be seen struggling to keep peace in the world which is a darker phase. According to some sources, Deku will have some help from Hawks as they would help him in improving his reflexes.

My Hero Academia chapter 311


Previous chapter 310 explained

A scene portrays a stormy night with hashy and blurry eyesight.  A giant woman was attacked by a group of people with mutant behavior as they were carrying some support items, as they mistakenly took her as a villain. The woman then had no other choice but to beg because she is scared so that they could stop from assaulting her but they went on. Deku arrived at the scene and saved the woman before she got injured. Deku then explained to everyone that he totally understands that everyone is low at the time or on the edge but the woman hasn’t done anything and it’s isn’t her fault. The attackers after listening to Deku finally leaves. The woman than says that she realizes it wasn’t safe as she came from a town that didn’t experience any major trouble.

My Hero Academia plot

This series portrays the story of a young boy named Izuku Miduriya, who has no gifted powers in the world of gifted superheroes. The journey of him as he passes the obstacles and hurdles in life just so he could follow the steps of his favorite superhero All Might and could become one. Finally after some time, he comes face to face with All Might and that marks the opening of the story and how his destiny would treat him through.

My Hero Academia chapter 311

Expected characters of My Hero Academia next chapter

  •  Deku is the main protagonist and his real name is Izuka Miduriya.
  • Toshinori Yagi (All Might) is a superhero alias.
  •  All for one who is an antagonist of My Hero Academia.
  •  Dabi is a villain and a former member of the Vanguard Action Squad.
  •  Nomu is an artificial human and antagonist at some point too.
  •  En who was one of the users of One for all quirk and a former pro hero.

My Hero Academia chapter 311

Where to Read My Hero Academia Online?

If you want to cover more in the story ahead of My Hero Academia and to see what would unveil with deep secrets in the story, you can head to Viz and Read Hero Manga. My Hero Academia has also adapted it’s own anime series and it’s available to watch on Netflix.

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