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Read the latest updates on the manga series Record of Ragnarok Chapter 47/48: Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Read Online, Preview of the previous chapter, and More!

Where to Read Record of Ragnarok Chapter 47/48

Record of Ragnarok Plot Synopsis

This epic one on one battle story manga begins with a meeting of all the old and new gods, who gather around every thousand years to stumble on the fate of humanity. Millions of years later they decide to exterminate every human, but a legendary valkyrie advises that they should be given a chance to survive.

They agree with the valkyrie and hold the battle of Ragnarok and give one last chance to humanity, where they hold a one-on-one fight between 13 gods and 13 humans throughout history and would be left alone if they won at least 7 fights out of 13. To give each and everyone a fair chance they are given the assistance of the Valkyrie and unlock a power which might even take their own life.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 47/48





Record of Ragnarok Chapter 47: Release Date and Spoilers

As brutal as it got in the previous chapter, the latest chapter will definitely be more gruesome and awesome to read. The epic battle in Record of Ragnarok Chapter 47/48 is going to be something unique as the battle between Buddha and Zerufuku transcends further into their fight. It will release in the second week of  This fight is going to be something unique because the rules of not using surprise attacks are not being followed in this fight.

So far Buddha has been doing really well in the brawl and as Zerofuku is concerned he is just blindly following his instincts and going through this fight. Buddha usually loves to teach and enlighten men but he might have to take out a trick or two to get through this hell-bent fight.


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Preview of Chapter 47/48

The previous and latest chapter which got released, made the readers go into the state of excitement just as the other gods and the audience got in the manga series. Buddha is calm and composed, unlike Zerofuku who is desperate.

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