Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 94 /93 Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scans

This Shounen manga Twin Star Exorcist is known around the globe for the characters and plot. It is one of the ongoing manga series and the author has updated till chapter. The date for the next chapter 25 is confirmed also. So, scroll down the full coverage of this article to know about Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 94 release date, the spoilers, recap, and more.

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 94 Release Date

Guys, the author has confirmed the official release for the next chapter 94 of Twin Star Exorcists manga. So, chapter 94 will release on the 3rd of June, 2021 that in Japanese Standard Time. People, before reading the newly updated chapter, do check the timing according to your country or region.

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 94 Spoiler

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 94 /93 Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scans

For now, there is no spoiler for the upcoming chapter 94 for Twin Star Exorcists. One good news is the Raw translations will be updated on the 27th of May. So, that means you will know what might happen in chapter 94 in the days few weeks. And moreover, the spoiler will be available mostly on the social media.

Twin Star Exorcists chapter 93 explained

Twin Star Exorcists previous chapter is titled ‘The Prince of Mimicry”. We witness that they are continuing the fight with monsters. And also Adashino is seen attacking the monsters. The monsters want her and tell her if she comes along with them, they will end the war. And at the same time, high up in the sky, there are two giants colliding with each other. The chapter ends with the Adashino team saying that it is written in stone that all Kegare must be destroyed.

Where To Read Twin Star Manga?Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 94 /93 Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scans

Twin star exorcist is available to read on Viz Media or Manga Plus. You will find the latest chapters on these two.

More about Twin Star Exorcists manga

Twin Star Exorcists is a Japanese manga series. Yoshiaki Sukeno is the author and illustrator of this manga. The story revolves around a boy and girl who are fated to marry each other and to have a child. And the child will be named as Miko. From the prediction. they will be called Twin Star Exorcists. The child they bore will defeat all the evil spirits from the world and will also end the war.

Characters of Twin Star Exorcists

  • Rokuro Enmado is the main character of Twin Star Exorcists and the exorcist.
  • Benio Adashino is also the main protagonist and the next head of Adashino House.
  • Mayura Otomi is the grandaughter of Zenkichi Otomi.
  • Twelve Guardians are the most powerful exorcists.
  • Sae is a branch of Ame-no-mihashira.
  • Basara is a humanoid impurity that can absorb curses.


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