Oxygen Release Date, Cast, Trailer 2021, Where To Watch Online

Hollywood is known for its sci-fi movies and to this list, a movie name Oxygen is going to add. The oxygen movie director is Alexandra Aja and the producer is Vincent Maraval, Alexandra Aja, and many other names. The language of the movie is English and french. The genre of the movie is Drama, fantasy, thriller, and sci-fi. Read this article to know more about the oxygen release date, cast, trailer, and much more.


The movie oxygen revolves around a girl named Liz who wakes in a cryogenic chamber with no memory of how she got there. Furthermore, she has only 90 minutes to get off there and there is no way to escape that chamber. Now in the movie, we’ll get to know how she got there, what’s the reason and how she’ll escape.

Oxygen Release Date

The movie oxygen is going to release on 12 of May 2021 and the movie’s first trailer was launched on Netflix. Subsequently, the movie screenplay is performed by Christie LeBlanc.

Oxygen Release Date, Cast, Trailer 2021, Where To Watch

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The movie oxygen cast has many talented a famous actors like Anne Hathaway, Noomi Rapace, Malik Zidi, Eric Herson-Macarel, Lyah Valade, Laura Boujenah. To know other actors we’ve to wait for the release of the oxygen movie.

Where To Watch

You can watch oxygen movies on Netflix no other online watching sites have bought the right of the movie till now. The oxygen release date is set worldwide on 12th May.

Much More

In Hollywood, the oxygen movie is creating lots of fuzz because of its amazing and thrilling storyline. Although, Fans already started to give reviews on movies. Moreover, fans are really excited to know about how Liz will escape. Likewise, what’s the reason she wakeup in the chamber. Hollywood industry and news anchor is really appreciating Anne Hathaway for her brilliant acting as Liz.

Oxygen Release Date Trailer

In the trailer of the movie oxygen release date on 21 April 2021 on youtube. In the trailer, we saw that the girl name Liz is in a cryogenic chamber. She has knowledge and idea of how she got there a robotic voice MILO. Moreover, she is talking to her and when he asked her to open the chamber he replied no. Further, by time by the time her oxygen level is decreasing, she only has 90 minutes to escape from that chamber. Now, she has to escape that chamber with the help of her memories.

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