PUBG Mobile Rebranded As Battlegrounds Mobile India, Release Date 2021 with Trailer

You know They say, “never say never”. The most loved game of India, PUBG Mobile is finally back with a bang in a whole new avatar. Keep reading to know all about Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date 2021.

All the gamers across the country are more than overwhelmed. The reason is more than enough for them. Their beloved game is coming back in India in a whole new look, with a new name. Let’s discuss what are the changes made, the new name, the ecosystem initiative, and much more.

Battlegrounds Mobile India 2021

PUBG Mobile India has been officially renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India. PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were some of the 118 apps which were banned by the Indian Government on 2nd Sep 2020. But it is kind of a celebration time for gamers in India after the news of rebranding has hit the Internet.

Gamers are eagerly waiting for the same as it has been almost 9 months since the official ban. Subsequently, they have not felt that energy and passion while playing any other game.

The news first came after a press release in November 2020 when PUBG Corporation gave a statement about a modified version of the game in India. The corporation said that it is entitled to give a healthy and happy gaming service. Likewise, they would rebrand their product according to the needs and wants of people in India. It also said that visual and gaming content would cater to the essence of India.



Krafton, the Korean company that developed PUBG said that India has always been one of their top priorities. Amid the ban on the game in Sep 2020, the company has worked a lot on its re-launch. They have told that the rebrand will only be played in India. The company’s actions are proving its word. The company has designed the new logo. Meanwhile keeping the context of India by using colors of the Indian National flag their logo.

Rebranding PUBG Into Battlegrounds Mobile India

As the name has changed, so does the presence of the game. The company has changed the name of its official Facebook and Youtube handles from PUBG Mobile India to Battleground Mobile India. The company has come up with a short trailer on its official youtube handle. You can watch the video at the end of the article. Further, they wanted to give people a gist of the new product that they will ultimately use.

It doesn’t have much to offer. But was sufficient for gamers that they can reconcile with their gaming experience from the previous product. The basic visual experience is the same as the previous, parachutes are the same and so does the background music with which gamers will surely recollect their memories.

So when is Battlegrounds Mobile India Release date 2021?

The company has assured that the new brand will have exclusive events and features for their Indian gaming universe such as different outfits, missions, locations, visuals, and much more. It has said that the game will offer a world-class AAA multiplayer gaming experience on Mobile. It is very interesting to witness that the company has not used PUBG anywhere in the promotions or the launch of the game, which is quite understandable. The company doesn’t want to start its brand on a sour note and has done the right thing.


E-sports Ecosystem

Amid the release of its re-brand, Krafton is doing every sort of thing to build up excitement among the Indian gaming universe about the same. The trailer and new name were significant efforts in that direction but the company is planning something even bigger. The company has assured that it is planning to build an e-sports ecosystem around the game to enhance the overall gaming experience. And for the same, the company is approaching several possible partners.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release date 2021

It has been a roller-coaster ride for the Indian gaming community. Starting from the ban of PUBG in Sep 2020, and almost after 8 months, gamers were finally happy to hear that their beloved-old game is back with a different brand name and some changes but the game’s release date was not announced.

The game can only be played in India and the company has said that a pre-registration program would be organized before the launch of the original game. Everyone is expecting something ravishing and mind-blowing. Let’s hope that this re-brand will do justice to the expectations of the Indian gaming community.

Why Was PUBG Banned in India?

On 2nd September 2020, the Government of India banned 118 Chinese Apps including Share It, CamScanner, and many more. Famous multi-player gaming App, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was also a part of this list. The ban was imposed amid border tensions between China and India. The official stated reason was that these apps were leaking private and sensitive information of their users.

Indian gaming community didn’t entertain the ban and the indigenous games which were launched during the period like ‘FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards’ were not able to create the fan base that PUBG used to enjoy.

Anyways, now we have got our favorite PUBG back as a Battlegrounds Mobile India and we hope it will be released soon.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Trailer


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