“Bystanders Bravery” Stop Attacker Who Stabbed 4 At New Zealand Supermarket

On Monday 10th may, an incident of bravery was shown by the bystanders who stopped a man who has created a scene of chaos at the Countdown supermarket. in Central Dunedin, New Zealand. The staff and members of the supermarket were appreciated who showed bravery. They stopped a psych man from hurting others after. he has stabbed 4 people during a sudden attack.

Out of the 4 people 3 are critically wounded. All the stabbed people are treated in the Dunedin hospital. 3 which are critically wounded are shifted to the intensive care unit. The attacker was also wounded and he is also treated in the Hospital under the guidance of the police.

People who witness the incident described it as sudden chaos created at the supermarket. Some people started running towards the main gate to save themself from the attack while. some came forward to help the bystanders from stopping the psych.

Prime Minister Speech: About Bystanders

After this incident, Prime Minister Modern in his speech said that the motive behind the attack was not known and police are investigating the case. No sort of evidence has been finding to indicate the chances of domestic terrorism.

He said, “Needless to say that the attack was hugely concerning and I do not want to acknowledge the early reports of courageous acts by bystanders who have taken sudden action to protect the people around them”. He mentioned that we are deeply affected by this kind of act. It will be dealt with strictly

Bystanders stop Man from stabbing 4 persons

Police Superintendent Paul Statement

Out of the wounded people, 2 were the staff members of the supermarket. After watching the CCTV footage, Police Superintendent Paul said that the courage shown by the bystanders was nothing sort of heroic. They stopped the person from hurting the people who were around them. They also hurt themselves in order to stop the man. The case is under investigation, after knowing the motive behind the attack the stabber will be charged for his deadly action.

Then also the bystanders were appreciated for their courageous actions which they have shown today. A massive event may have occurred if they have not interrupted. According to the reports 5 people have been wounded and are treated.

Dunedin has a population of about 130,000 people. The majority of them are students who resided there for completion of their degree.

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