Black Clover Chapter 293 Raw Scans Release Date, Spoilers & More

Well, guys, we have brought you some good and bad news regarding black clover manga. But you will be a bit upset hearing the news but not for long. Scroll down the full coverage of this article to know about the Black Clover manga chapter 293 release date, the spoilers, recap, and many more.

Black Clover Chapter 293 Release Date

The author recently confirmed that Black Clover manga chapter 293 is not coming this week. But manga lovers, don’t feel disappointed because the author delayed only one week and it will be coming back on the 23rd of May which is on Sunday. So, only a few days left for the new chapter.

Black Clover chapter 293 manga Spoiler

Black Clover Chapter 293 Raw Scans Release Date, Spoilers & More

In the upcoming new chapter of Black clover, we will see some epic battles that are between Dante and Magna. No spoilers other than this are leaked anywhere. We will make sure to update as soon as there are more.

Black Clover manga previous Chapter Explained

The previous chapter of Black Clover manga is titled Knowing. We witness Magna is kneeling down in front of Zora to teach him his way of fighting. He continues saying he can’t be the burden of the Black Bulls and even compliments him. Zora fed up with Magna’s begging he decides to help him. He tells him to stop kneeling and asks him to follow to his secret base.

He tells him he needs a lot of magic power, sense, and adaptivity. He continues all the things needed and requirements. Magna then goes on to practice everything and all. The chapter ends with Magna and Dante fighting.Black Clover Chapter 293 Raw Scans Release Date, Spoilers & More

Where to read Black Clover manga online

Black Clover manga is available to read on the Global Coverage as soon as the latest chapters are released. Stay tuned with us for the latest chapters.

More about Black Clover manga

Black Clover is an action-comedy Japanese ongoing manga series. The author has updated till chapter 292. Tabata Yuuki is the author and illustrator of this manga. The story revolves around two boys who are abandoned together at a church. They are very much close to each other. While they were young, they promised to fight against each other to see who becomes the next sorcerer emperor. But the promise is no more as one boy has an amazing power while the other has not. But later, the two boys will try to make their own dreams come true by going to different paths.

Expected characters of Black Clover manga Next Chapter

  • Asta is the main male character who is an orphan and later becomes a 3rd class Junior magic knight.
  • Liebe is a villain and a low-ranking devil from the first level.
  • Magna Swing is a countryman from Rayaka.
  • Zora Ideale is one of the Royal Knights squads.
  • Gadjah is a Spirit Guardian from the Heart Kingdom.
  • Luck Voltia is also one of the Royal Knights squads.
  • Zara Ideals was the former member of the Clover Kingdom’s Purple Orca squad and father of Zora Ideale.
  • Svenkin Gatard is one of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad.
  • Leopold Vermillion is the son of the Clover Kingdom’s House Vermillion.
  • Dante Zogratis is the host of the devil Lucifer.
  • Jack the Ripper is a former commoner and the current captain of the Clover Kingdom’s Green Mantis.

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