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The Beginning after the End is based as per the novel of its same name which was issued in three languages first only which were Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin. It is considered as the Tapas Original seasonal comic. The author of this novel is TurtleMe and the illustration was done by Fuyuki23. The schedule which was out for season 1 is 3 times a month and takes place weekly for season 2 and season 3. It’s well done with its work and illustrations and is now available in many languages such as Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, French, and Thai. Read The Beginning after the End Manga Online At Global Coverage

The Beginning after the End

The Beginning after the End plot :

King Grey has unbelievable strength and wealth in the world which is ruled through martial abilities which were regarded as a high state. However, loneliness always stays close with the ones who were granted great power. After all, beneath the cover and outlook of the glamorous image, walks a cracked shell of a man who lacks purpose and will in life and hope sometimes which keeps them going.

He died and was reborn as Arthur Leywin in a new world that was governed by monsters and magic and where the King achieved his second opportunity to relive his life in a better way or state that he always wanted or always dreamt of. His goal and aim is not to just correct his own made mistakes and that’s not only his purpose. Under the walls of prosperity and peace of the new world, he was given his second chance in is undergoing currently a threat to destroy and bring down everything the King has worked for, in order to question his role that he was born again.

Arthur followed his new route in life as the hold and use child of the magic of two of the adventurers who were retired and were Read The Beginning after the End Manga Online able to achieve numerous experiences, talking about those that he lacked in his previous life and does not want to repeat anything which stood last time. There once lies a time when a kind dragon sacrificed his own life to save him, left a mark in Arthur’s heart as he wanted a path of life in a kind, sincere and courageous manner and with the people he would look up to.

Arthur set to begin his life-changing journey with the helping hand of Elvin Kingdom of Elenoir and lost elf princess, just so that he could find his true self place in his new world.

The Beginning after the End

As the years go on, Arthur was able to adjust and find himself more and more comfortable in his new world, and also from his deeds, he was one of the young but a respected figure in the community. However, a war is in the making between Vritra and Dicathen, the clans which were exiled and then started ruling a distance away continent, this was the fact where the deja-vu strikes Arthur. He must lead as a leader and guide even though he had his fear of becoming his own self and what he used to be in his past life, and as the war is set to take on, Arthur realizes that he was not reborn in this work by any chance and nor he was the one and only who got this opportunity.

Characters that made heavyweight: Read The Beginning after the End Manga Online

One of the many delightful things to cover in the story is its variety of characters and how they react and adapt the personality that everyone loves to see and admire. Giving some light on the characters to follow:

          Leywin Family

• Reynolds Leywin who is the husband of Alice Leywin and the father of Eleanor Leywin and the story’s original character Arthur Leywin. He was known to be a former adventurer.


Read The Beginning after the End Manga Online

• Alice Leywin is the wife of Reynolds Leywin and also the mother of both Arthur Leywin and Eleanor Leywin. She is known to be a very kind, soft, gentle and a delightful person who wears a heart on her sleeve. Adventurer Guild was the place she used to work and was assigned for proctoring a common simple practical exam.

Alice Leywin

• Arthur Leywin is the protagonist of the story. Arthur is a son of Reynolds and Alice Leywin and also a brother of Eleanor Leywin. He was a King in this previous life named Grey before he died and reborn into a new world as a place which was a continent on the Dicathen.

Read The Beginning after the End Manga Online

• Eleanor Leywin also known as Ellie is the daughter of Reynolds and Alice Leywin. Arthur is her elder brother and mostly spent het childhood days with Helstea Family as they grew up all along, developing a special friendship bond with Lilia Helstea.

Eleanor Leywin


Shedding light and focus on other characters of the Novel, they stand up pretty high as the others includes with groups as parties such as Twin Horns Party, Helstea Family, Eralith Family, Glayder Family, Greysunder Family, Xyrus Academy students, Xyrus Academy staff, Xyrus Adventurers Guild, Asuras, Scythes, Retainers, Other Alacryans, Other Elves, Dwarves and Lance’s. The Beginning after the End has some good time, hilarious yet odd characters which makes it a total splendid package as they always have a lot to offer whether the story takes a swiftly turn of Arthur or other members.

The Beginning after the End

Where To Read The Beginning after the End Manga Online:

If you want to know more in The Beginning after the End and how Arthur’s new life would lead him to represent what does he has to give or take in the situation that would change him all over or pitch in the story to know more about the friends and character’s that this novel has to offer, you can head to this Page above to read all chapters.

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Read The Beginning after the End Manga Online

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