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To Your Eternity episode 5 Release Date & More

To Your Eternity Episode 5 Release date

To Your Eternity episode, 5 is all set to release on May 8th or May 9th, depending on your geographical location. This anime has been running brightly with its episodes since everyone is intrigued with what this anime has to offer and also, the fans are in for a treat.

To Your Eternity Episode 5 spoilers!!

The new episode will have the given contents and include the storyline from the 8th chapter of the manga. We might get to see the chain of events that would be set in motion after Fushi, March, and the old lady is freed by Parona and their mighty attempt to escape the prison via waterway that has a point in the end and is led all the way to the wagon. They would be dealt with some problems as their plan of reaching Ninannah wouldn’t go as expected.

To Your Eternity episode 5

Previous Episode 4 Summary

Previously in the episode of To Your Eternity, we saw how the controlling Hayase offers not only Fushi and March and Parona citizenship too to Janome, so that they could be easily drugged and then finally imprisons them. Imprisonment was not a whole match for independent Parona, and constantly kept thinking about the plan for the escape with Fushi and March and also with help of the old lady. As her plan is flexible, it gets interrupted by some disturbance which is then caused after the death of Kanitaro, who is the spirit bear which caused her to actually work fast on her actions.

To Your Eternity episode 5

To Your Eternity plot

The anime follows the story of a guy named Fushi, who is a mysterious being and an immortal, and “The orb” was the name that he only was known as around, wander around the world with no emotions whatsoever and not even an identity. Fushi has an ability to himself as could take a shape of those around who leaves an inspired mark to him and to whom he looks up to.

Where to Watch Online To Your Eternity episode 5?

To know more about the story in to Your Eternity, hop in as to see how Fushi would counter as he take on his uneven and difficult journey. You can head to Crunchyroll as it is available to watch there and if you want to read its manga, then you can head to Mangago.

To Your Eternity episode 5

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