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Black Mirror chapter 59 Raw Scans, Release Date, Spoilers

Black Mirror chapter 59: When It is Releasing?

The fandom with hype is waiting for Black Mirror chapter 59 as the fans and readers could embrace themselves as the announcement for the release of the next chapter is coming soon as everyone is eager to know what this suspense and horror-packed story have more to tell.

Black Mirror chapter 59: Spoilers Ahead!!

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The spoilers are not out yet as they drop out a few days before the release date and start surfacing then and we would surely update you as we would get the news.


Black Mirror chapter 59

Previous chapter 58 explained

The scene kicks off as Tae Joon asks the professor if he’d like to head home as he looked tired and Tae Joon could call a driver for him, but the professor in return asks for another drink and told him to not mind his tiring attitude for a time. As soon as Tae Joon gets the professor a glass of drink, the professor at a sudden with resisting his frustrating attitude tells Tae Joon that if Yeon Woo is to ever acts weird then he has to let him know no matter what.

As the stormy raining night was dwelling down, everyone sat and asked if anyone could share any kind of a scary story or experience with them. One of them stated that currently, the Evaporation case are real scary with Yeon Woo drinking right around the table which made the moment pretty intense.

Black Mirror chapter 59

Black Mirror plot

Tae Joon had to go through a chain of traumatic events which was bad enough due to which he lost his childhood memories. As he searches for a place for rent, he crashes up with Yeon Woo, who claims that he has been there for Tae Joon as he has been his best friend and after all becomes his housemate in the end. After he moved in, he goes through a number of series of events that are set in motion such as started having nightmares and uneven dreams of hands grabbing his feet while he’s fast asleep or Yeon Woo making him comfortable as he gives him pleasures which were uneven too.

Tae Joon could have enough as he falls apart due to all the hallucinations and nightmares. Despite knowing the fact that Tae Joon goes through all this, Yeon Woo stays ignorant and instead develops a sexual relationship with Tae Joon.

Where To Read Black Mirror chapter 59

If you want to cover more in the traumatic and intense story of Tae Joon and Yeon Woo as what further events would be set in motion as the story will go, you can head to Goodreads and Manhuascan.

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Black Mirror chapter 59

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