How is Shibu Coin Helping India in Covid19 Crisis

Vitalik Buterin, a billionaire who is famously renowned as the co-founder of Ethereum is the hottest topic of discussion as he has made a donation of coins estimated worth around $1 billion in India’s Covid19 relief fund. The donation originally made by Vitalik in the structure of the Shiba coin and on the other hand in Ethereum, which basically is owned by him. India’s fighting the Covid19 pandemic second wave, a stage with mass devastation where the needs and relief all over the country for donation at this time have been the most crucial.

Vitalik Buterin

As what the reports claim, the Vitalik’s donation is a helping hand or might be as his donation of figure nearly 500 ETH and SHIB of crossing 50 trillion, $1.4 billion is the current worth of SHIB coin to where it went ahead to COVID-Crypto Relief fund of India and all shaped by Sandeep Nailwal who is an Entrepreneur in Indian technology. Nailwal tweeted on Twitter as thanks to Vitalik stating that the chapter we came across in learning is the value and importance of a community that Ethereum has guided us.

A Helping Hand

Impressively, India received an enormous size of cryptocurrency donation with an estimated figure of around 6 million dollars in cryptocurrencies of 10 different types which could stand as a major help in the Indian Covid19 relief fund. Hence, the fact that cryptocurrency does not have any value yet in India as it doesn’t have any work yet as they aren’t tagged legalized yet.


Nailwal notified Tech2 that they have taken in consideration the top 3 cryptocurrencies in the country which are BitBNS, CoinDCX, and WazirX as they have supported the system. After all it came into realization that it wasn’t biddable anyhow to move through them and it would put hurdles for them most likely too. They considered the final option and finalized it. The point connecting from here is that the entity would transfer all the cryptocurrency wired in to the account of US-based bank where it could finally be converted then into fiat currency.

Mainly it would come out as a major help in getting Oxygen cylinders or anything else related to medications which lead in battling Covid19 and recieve a satisfactory outcome.


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