Investors Lose Big Money After WazirX List Shibu Inu Coin At High Price

Investors Lose Big chunks of their hard-earned money after Wazirx coins higher price. 

Wazirx And Investors

Wazirx stated in 2017 with an aim to help people deal with cryptocurrency. It is under Binance Holdings Limited. A trading platform that gained a lot of popularity in just 3 years, now stands exposed! Investors Lose Big chunks of their hard-earned money after List Shibu Inu Coin At High Price.

Wrong prices being shown of Shibu Inu coin in the application and website has resulted in the loss of millions as well as a decrease in Wazirx users.  The prices are 1000x higher than any other platform. Millions of users in India have noticed it. People have noted that they bought the shibu inu coin at Rs 3 and in a short amount of time the coin was listed for as low as Rs.0015.

It Looks like they have done it in past also and have been successful. But they have been called out the first time


Wazirx Scam Explained

From a recent incident, it looks like when they introduce a new coin, they introduce it at a very high price than the market. People who are new to the market don’t realize it and the price of that new coin dips suddenly and people lose a lot of money in a short time.

What WazirX CEO Has To Say

The only way to escape this scam is to leave the Wazirx platform as soon as possible. Researching about the company, previous accusations, and reviews help a lot in escaping these types of scams. Shiba Inu prices started it all and the scam alerts have only increased from there. If you notice anything suspicious, contact the company on social media so you get a solution easy and fast. For more information, click here. It ought to have this effect! Stay safe and stay tuned!

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