Ariana Grande Just Got Married, Here’s Everything We Know About It

The Queen has spoken. Everyone’s favorite Ariana Grande Is finally married. Ariana Grande Just Got Married, Here’s Everything We Know About It. A piece of shocking news for all her fans as well as Ariana’s close friends. From Victorious to launching her music career, Ariana Grande has the best glow-up ever. Here is everything you need to know about her relationship as well as her marriage.

Ariana Grande And Her Past

Ariana Grande is not the type to settle down. She was dating Dalton Gomez just a little bit over the year and she’s already married. Now Dalton Gomez is her husband. Although she wanted to settle down before, no one really thought of it. After the engagement broke,  Ariana did not think of getting married. But, as we all know Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez are quite serious from the start.

Now after their marriage news, real fans are both cheerful and some even dissatisfied. Everyone thinks this was an impulsive decision taken by two teenagers with no plan. The reason behind this quite clear. Because there are no preparations for the marriage and no plan, many believe it is a stunt pulled by Ariana Grande. Don’t the engagement as well as two balls boots work but white informal there were only family members present I’m not a soul more.

The Intimate Marriage Reactions

According to People, this is because Ariana Grande cares more about the marriage than the wedding itself. Also, neither of their family members seem to care about their wedding. Both Of the families are happy about their commitment to each other. Ariana Grande’s family members supported her in most of her decisions and only present their opinions when asked. Giving us space made her who she is today video Ariana Grande’s best friend i.e her mom is also the CEO of her company.
With less than 20 guests in the room, Ariana and Dalton are among the most cutest couples out there.  The ceremony held in Montecito, California at Ariana Grande’s house. Everyone thought the wedding would be epic and full of guests. It is safe to say that Ariana always does the unexpected.
Many of the rumors that stirred up about her being Bisexual might be wrong. But nothing identifies someone’s sexuality but them! So, unless Ariana is comfortable enough to tell her fans about her preferences, we can only dream. On the other hand, Ariana first announced her engagement with Dalton. During the pandemic also both supported each other.
“!!! my heart my person !!! thank u so much for being u,” is her caption on Instagram with Dalton’s photo.  Ariana Grande Just Got Married, Here’s Everything We Know About It till now! Stay Tuned for more juicy updates! Here is a picture of Ariana’s ring.


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