Russia Ready To Shoot ‘FIRST EVER’ Movie In ‘SPACE’, Cast Selected!

Earth’s around space has long been explored for around more than 60 years till today and as for now, Russia planned as the movie is going to take place as first-ever space movie which has surprisingly has blown minds to measurements they would try to opt and methods to excel to this level to be said in short, as always on race path with the United States and to hold this achievement in their favor to move ahead and reach a pillar that no one easily could.

First-Ever Movie To Be Shot In Space

Russian space agency

On Thursday, the Space agency of Russia commonly known as Roscosmos confirmed that they have decided its cast and it’s confirmed with moving forward with their steps as fast as they could with their great analysis of every objective. The film shall be named “Challenge”.

Yulia Peresild, 36, as the main character of this movie, Klim Shepenko, 37, as director. Alena Mordovina, 33, taken as reserve cast and director of camera Alexie Dudin, 40 came with nominations as the reserve cast. The team is also seeking for a female star who must be in between 25 to 40 and as a lead project would pass some fitness tests.


The project came into light past year after the collaboration status of Tom Cruise with Nasa when they announced that the plus advantage of their collaboration is there shall come a movie next year on International Station of Space.

Tom Cruise

Peresild on her career note is a famous actress and led as the main star in many Russian films, in a race with hundreds and standing as the deserving one for the chance of earning fame internationally.

The methods may vary as the movie team would take about 2 of 3 seats aboarding in the area of Launch October in Russia’s Souyuz mission to destination orbiting space station.

Roscosmos stated that the practices might take place soon which would vary in different tasks such as to undergoing training of parachuting, tests of vibration stands and tests of the centrifuge.


Konstantin Ernst has a little to say about the movie as he mentioned that the movie would be based upon science fiction instead it would portray a real-life system of traveling to space. Stating that the movie would portray as the person who has however no connecting dots in space discovery, with some number of debts of personal and reasonable status, just a month later makes his entry in the orbit and that’s all he had to say in 2020 September interview.

Space program of Russia is holding with an uncertainty time of a decision to occupy October Soyuz Flight with the team.

Russian agency

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