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How to Pre- Register For Battleground Mobile India

The wait is finally over, Battleground Mobile India aka Pubg is back in India. But this time the game will have some little changes. Before the game is launched and can be downloaded the makers have opened the pre-registration. So let’s see how well you get yourself pre-register.

How To Register For Battleground Mobile India : 

Battleground Mobile India Registration Open Now, How to Register For Battleground Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a battle royale game where multiple players employ strategies to fight and be the last man standing on the battlegrounds. A free-to-play, multiplayer experience, in Battlegrounds Mobile India, players can battle it out in diverse game modes.

The Battleground Mobile India makers have decided to open pre-registration for android phones. So first you have to open Google Play Store and then search BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA in the search box then you have to click on pre-register, that’s it you have to do and you are registered. You’ll get a notification when the game will launch and ready to download. The pre-registration has not started for ios users but it will start soon. Krafton announced the registration date days after it officially confirmed the Pubg India would soon be launched in India.

Link To Register – Click Here.

New Changes In Battleground Mobile India :

Battleground Mobile India Registration Open Now, How to Register For Battleground Mobile India

– In India, Pubg Mobile India was banned in 2020 for privacy concerns along with many other apps. But now the makers have made it suitable for users of India. All the user data will be stored locally as per the Government of India guidelines.

– Battleground Mobile India shared a poster similar to Ban Tai Map location from Sanhok – one of the 4×4 maps available in-game.  It was added in Pubg mobile 2018 but now it will be a part of Battleground  Mobile India.

Battleground Mobile India Registration Open Now, How to Register For Battleground Mobile India

  • Those who pre-register can grab exclusive items and special rewards after the game is available for download . That will include Recon Mask , The Recon Outfit , Celebration Expert Title and 300 AG .
  • The game will have less visual bloodshed comparatively and instead of red it will be green .
  • All the players will be fully clothed when they land on a map .
  • The makers are focusing on privacy and parent control for minor below 18 .  Minors will require to enter the mobile number of their parents or guardians in the game to verify parental consent. Additionally, they can only play the game for three hours per day . The in-app purchases are restricted to Rs 7,000 per day.
  • Sad news is that Pubg Mobile player IDs and achievements may not be retained .
  •  The Battleground Mobile India will be launched sometime in June .

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