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Legs That Won’t Walk Chapter 47: When To Expect & More

legs that won't work

Legs That Won’t Walk Chapter 47: What Is The Expected Release Date?

Legs That Won’t Walk Chapter 46 will release this week on 20 May 2021, fans will have another chapter to admire! The first episode of Legs That Won’t Walk published in June 2020. Now this story has over 46 released chapters.

The story has gained a lot of popularity and a rating of 9.3. This romance between two Gay men has been appreciated by all in many ways. Fans are also delighted to share their artwork on the Pinterest board.

Legs That Won’t Walk chapter 46: Short Summary

Ji Sung has someone in mind. He is really drunk and upset. He drinks and talks about Taesung. Nevertheless, the story moves on. Suyeong is all alone on the bed. He is both mad and sad. He wanted to wake up early for his partner who left a while ago!

Then on Legs That Won’t Walk, Alas, with time he’s falling deeply for him. Although he cannot stop it he wants to. His thoughts break from the call. The Memorial Parks asks him to pay his fee and tell him about the visitor. The visitor was Taesung and he followed him.

Now Taesung enters the room and they talk about the call. Taesung orders Suyeong to stand up but he still feels strange. So he finally asks! But to his surprise, Taesung denies it but questions his question.

At the end of Legs That Won’t Walk Chapter 45, the mood soon lightens and they joke around! Still, some confusion lies in the mind of Suyeong. They are having sex…. but Suyeong isn’t replying? is he alright?

Where To Read Legs That Won’t Walk Manga Chapters

With a million sites a million stories! There are many sites available but the incomplete story is present on many of them. Visit Manga Owl now for free and updated chapters. the new chapter of Legs That Won’t Walk will be also available here.

More About Legs That Won’t Walk

Legs Which Cannot Walk is great erotica filled with hurt and sex. A retired boxer with a lot of debt. Given by his father as a gift. Now Suyeong discovers this and Tae-Seung hunts him. Heuksalgu is the writer of this drama-filled manhwa. He also illustrates the story himself.

Suyeong is very persistent and therefore, he has a choice now. He can either pay the debt or work for him. Now that does not seem like a choice, does it? He is broke and is also retired. Moreover, his knee injury is a rather difficult part of his life!

“Do you want to live at the bottom while working like a dog? Or come under me to pay off your debt?” says Taesung. Soo-young the money lender’s son is working. Injured badly but this is fate! He has to work to pay the unknown debt his father has.

Taesung does not care and only wants his money. He kidnaps Suyeong to make him his dog. He will feed him and keep him but Suyeong will have to work for it. Soon threatening calls start. There is a traitor in the group. Who could it be? Did Suyeong plan all this? Read Legs That Won’t Walk to find out!


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