The Family Man 2 Teaser To Be Announced Today At 1 PM On Amazon prime

Stuck at home? Bored? Looking for something interesting and thrilling to watch? Well, Don’t worry we have got you covered. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription at your hand, you can easily watch one of the biggest thrilling show India has ever made, The family man. The family Man left all of us in shock and awe. But don’t worry, The Family Man 2 is back and the launch of the teaser for the family man 2 at 1 pm today. Let’s find out more, the family man 2 announcement? The family man 2 teaser? 

The Family man is a thriller show streamed on Amazon Prime. It features around a Senior Analyst in Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC) under the crime department or National Investigation Agency (NIA) named Srikanth Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee). As the name suggests, The family man is a loyal husband and father to two kids. Let’s find out the plot now.

The Family Man 2 Plot?

Season 1 ended on a pretty suspenseful note. In the final episode, Moosa the terrorist ends up being dead and the TASC officer believes that since Mossa is dead, his mission would not be executed. On the other hand, little did they know, Moosa’s plan was in full motion. Delhi was in danger of a toxic gas which was planned to be released by Moosa’s accomplices. Clearly, the protagonist had no idea about what’s coming. What happened next? Find out in Season 2.

The Family Man 2 Teaser To Be Announced Today At 1 PM On Amazon prime

Apart from the reveal of the suspense, they left us hanging in the first part. Season 2 will also cover the conflicts between Srikanth and his wife, Suchitra (Priyamani). The tension between Suchitra and Aravind will finally expose in front of us. Last but not the least, Srikanth’s job will be at stake due to the release of tampering evidence, a video file exposing the reason for Kareem’s death. All in all, we can expect more cliffhangers and drama this season. 

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What About Teaser? Release date?

The renewal announcement for the family man season 2 was made in ending of April. Subsequently, this got people wandering for the actual release date of season 2, however, it’s good we have that info as well. The family man 2 is expected to be launched by June 11’ 2021 on Amazon Prime. The teaser launching of the family man 2 at 1 pm today. 

The Family Man 2 Teaser To Be Announced Today At 1 PM On Amazon prime


To sum up, The family man is a series worth your time and energy. From all the crazy cliffhangers to drama to obstacles, without a doubt, it has something to offer for everybody. So, tune in and watch the family man on Amazon Prime now!

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