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Cardano’s parent company IOHK announces an Ethereum ERC20 token converter is on its way

The most precisely known Cardano’s technology firm and code maintainer dropped out this latest ‘converter’ which could play a big role in the world of cryptocurrency and its main role would that users could then bring ERC20 type tokens (Ethereum issued) into the type blockchain of Cardano.

The Bright Idea

The firm moving with this idea and put forward the mechanics and tactics that could be played in this field, also what it would allow the users to act in a more precise manner. The firm stated that this latest converter would play a big role as it shall convert tokens that are Ethereum-based such as AGI and allowing them to function on their blockchain proof-of-stake and adding that it would arrive early on Testnet.

Cardano's parent company IOHK announces an Ethereum ERC20 token converter is on its way

Ethereum is considered by millions and blockchain which is mostly used till date as into analyzing, the Ethereum transactions take place in about billion dollars every week and also the interactions in regards of smart contract every single day. The status rises with more reputation and plenty of work to be done and that’s how the converter is going to be out soon.

Work Of The Converter

Therefore, the current analysis of Proof of Work in the consensus design has come out as a proved status that it does only able to handle limited from the network. It is to be considered around the reports that the main problem which occurs in the main process is that the speed on the peak of time is very slow with 15 of the transactions taking place per second and the other problem is that the fees is too high which is not affordable at times where the analysing report came out to be about $200 for few of those assets this past week. This was some reason that made the swap and also the ERC20 tokens usage.

The release of the converter, Cardano's parent company IOHK announces an Ethereum ERC20 token converter is on its way

Cardano’s has a new image in their way as they are looking to resolve the problem which stood like hurdles. Francisco Landino, who is a project manager of IO stated that their new converter ERC20 would stand out playing a major role as allowing the issuing of the organizations and the users would have their control as they shall easily handle token migration of Ethereum to Cardano. Francisco also mentioned that it is designed as a factor issuers of the token (some organizations that would like to authorize migration of owned tokens into Cardano), and to those users who are the holders of tokens to make use of this tool so that they could move tokens of ERC20 through the easy process in Cardano network.

It’s a major project in potential as after the ERC20 tokens conversion, it would be safe to go on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

Cardano and Ethereum, Cardano's parent company IOHK announces an Ethereum ERC20 token converter is on its way

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