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What Is Vax A Million Lottery And How To Participate?


If you think you can win this Vax A Million lottery then you are absolutely right. You just need to get yourself vaccinated to win this lottery. Yes, you read it right you just have to take the vaccine in order to win this lottery. Isn’t that great? So, let’s see how you can win this lottery.

What Is Vax A Million Lottery :

What Is Vax A Million Lottery And How To Participate?Ohio, Columbus welcomed a new system for its citizens. A lottery system called Vax. The lottery system is unveiled by Republican Government Mike DeWine last week. In order to attract the citizens to get vaccines, the officials got a new system where the citizens will get rewarded for getting themselves vaccinated. Citizens of Ohio who live outside Ohio can also participate in this lottery.

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The state official planned to use state voter registration in addition to an opt-in program to the automatic enrollment of every citizen into the program but changed it on Monday to opt-in. The change was made in the aim to streamline verification and eligibility requirements for lottery participants and allow Ohio citizens who don’t want to participate to opt out.

How To Participate In Vax A Million Lottery :

What Is Vax A Million Lottery And How To Participate

The entry is now open you need to fill a questionnaire form at or by calling the Ohio department health hotline at 1883-4-ASK-ODH .

Eligibility Of Vax A Million Lottery :

Citizens who are 18 or above 18 are eligible and have received the first dose of vaccine preferably Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson before May 18.

Other Reward :

Besides $1 million lotteries, the citizens will also get a chance to win a full-time scholarship for a four-year university.

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