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Plot And Storyline Of One Piece Manga

The story starts with The World Government’s decision to kill the “pirate king”. But he has the most fascinating information and a way no one knows. His demise is near day by day and he has no escape! In the end, he gives up!

He has the information of the great treasure. The treasure is One Piece and is not easy to locate. the only information available is that it is in the ocean. The vast ocean named Grand Line holds the key to everyone’s heart. A misery waiting to end and a journey waiting to start.

No one knows what the treasure is and neither does the king. With only a clue in the hands of everyone, the Great Age of Pirates begins. There is no “pirate king” anymore and there is no help.

Only the person worthy enough of the crown and the treasure shall find it! 22 years pass and the incident is now just a mythical tale for kids. That is until Luffy believes this story and decides to go on an adventure of his own.

His life mission is now to find One Piece and be the new king. Claiming the great sea with nothing but a boat is no joke! A flexible body and a hat were not what the dead Sea was looking for.

So, he begins to form his crew. The people who could together with what they do best achieve it. People of misery or whom no one believed in comes together for a battle. And the battle with the sea to rescue One Piece begins!

The world of One Piece is unique at its best. Populated by the humans of different species. Two large oceans surround it. Separated by the Red Line is the world.

Red Line is the mountain ranges where everyone lives. This is the only piece of land available. Also, there is an extremely unpredictable sea. The wave of Grand line causes more than sudden havoc.

Due to its magnetic fields, the compasses give the wrong direction and malfunctions resulting in more loss of lives. Log Pose is the alternative. It sets to a particular island and never changes.


Genres, Status, And Release Date Of One Piece Manga

There has been a significant change in genres over the years. One Piece started as an adventurous genre for children. The show gained so much popularity that it diversified. Now it was not only for kids. With every chapter came new learning for the old generation.

They not only found comfort in the stories but also an escape from reality we often want. The life we want to live but cannot is portrayed! An escape from reality is like a Godsent, even for some time.

All the fans now found themselves and their desires in the stories. So the genre has expanded from adventurous to action, adventure, fantasy, comedy, superpower, adult, and knowledge.

It is in fact not a piece of shocking news that One Piece has something for everybody!

If we talk about the release date, it is very old. The show’s first chapter released on July 22, 1997. It has been over 20 years and the show is still ongoing! With more than a thousand episodes released, the show will still release new chapters.

One Piece has established a new record time. But that is not all, the writer has been suggesting a major ending. Although, the mangaka for Straw Hat Pirates believes otherwise. According to him, the show will end 4 to 5 years from now.
Do not worry because the show’s ending will be as big as a whale’s body.

Though, fans are not ready for the show to end. Struggling to know how the show will end. The treasure is not found yet. Rushing it, in the end, will not benefit anyone. So it is rather hard to think so!

Also, in an interview with Oda, Eiichiro told that the writer and he talk about everything related to One Piece. There are still a few variations and upcoming hurdles he wants to portray in the story!

Oda, Eiichiro also wants to have more than a hundred volumes of his story. He wants to keep all the volumes in his study. Looking back, he also wanted to end the series within 5 years in 2018 also. So One Piece is definitely worth your time

Both the writer and fans love the story too much for it to it. If the story did end, it will have many twists, turns, and emotions.

One Piece Ratings And Reviews

With more than a million viewers and Fans online, One Piece is surely one of the best and interesting mangas out there! According to the data by Manga Owl, it is one of the populated stories.

It is loved not only by Gen Z but also by millennials. The rush of emotions in every episode is what fans live for. Every day there are more than 5 thousand searches for One Piece in the United States alone.

A rating of 9.05 clearly indicates what legendary mange has been made. Many fans who first found it ended up reading many chapters at once. The most rewarding thing is that One Piece actually uniquely grasps the readers’ concentration. Each and every episode is left on a turning point leaving readers for more.

Google reviews prove that many anime watchers and manga readers felt drawn towards the story. One Piece did not disappoint them! They felt less interested when the series was suggested to them and more interested when they read and watched it. So is One Piece worth it? Yes, Absolutely.

Where To Read One Piece Manga

Manga Owl and Viz are here. All the latest episodes, comments, interaction and fun to make the story more interesting then ever. The aime version is also available for my non readers. Wath One Piece on Netflix with all the latest versions and chapters available.


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