Land Of Lustrous Chapter 96 Raw Scans Release Date Delay?

Land Of Lustrous Chapter 96 Release Date

With recent breaks of a month-long, it is safe to say that the hiatus will end soon and Land Of Lustrous Chapter 96 will release. But because there is no official statement, we cannot be sure.

Many people believe that the writer and her team took this break to relax and plan for the upcoming chapters. It will also give the writer time to calm her mind and use her brand new PS-5 as she likes.

Land Of Lustrous Chapter 96 Raw Scans Release Date Delay?

The spoilers of Land Of Lustrous Chapter 96 have also not been released yet! The spoilers will be updated few days prior to the release. Be sure to check back for the scans. Stay tuned!

Land Of Lustrous Chapter 95 Explained In A Nutshell!

The chapter starts with boxes full of gems. Aechmea also returns. Amethyst and everyone continue their research about the gems. Further, in research, it is concluded that the test is successful in all stimulations. But it also meant that it is time for the live test.

Although the research is complete, there is still a problem. If it did not work. the dust will be found till venus. They could’ve in danger for tracking back. The princess thus cannot go in there yet!

But help!! Goshe has entered the machine. Is there a way out? Here comes the Dia “Galaxy Crazy dancer”.She has a date at the end of the earth today.Land Of Lustrous Chapter 96 Raw Scans Release Date Delay?

The completion sound! Now the process is over and the door opens! It worked. Everyone fills with happiness because finally, it worked, at last. Now the princess can use it.

In the area is Welegao. He discovers the neurological name. Antarcticiteis the name. There is the master. He is finally here. But where is Phosphollite? He called the master useless and destructive. He really wished for the master to be near here.

Aechmea enters. An extremely sophisticated old friend. Emma congratulates the master. It takes about 10,000 years for the transformation and this will be the end of hostilities. And now their “happy life” begins. You can read the full chapter here. Be sure to read Land Of Lustrous Chapter 96 when posted.

Where to read Land Of Lustrous Chapters

With the gradual increase in the manga, there has been a significant increase in the number of platforms. You can read Land Of Lustrous Chapter 96 for free on its official dedicated website. Or refer to more trusted sites like Crunchyroll and Viz Media.

More about Land Of Lustrous

An unknown species in an unknown land. The stage where humans have been trying to reach but could not. The Lustrous species are both immortal and the future of the human world. They are not humans nor animals but gemstones. Gemstones in a human figure.

Land Of Lustrous Chapter 96 Raw Scans Release Date Delay?

They can blend in with humans but can rip apart in many pieces of stones. 28 students on a trip. With their teacher Kongo, they learn how to defend Lunarians.

In the Land Of Lustrous is Lunarians. Lunarians who have lustrous bodies as decorations. Who are also gemstones but harvest off of Lustrous. The story has Phosphophyllite or Phos, the subspecies, and rather young. Everyone has a purpose. They write for future records and study nature but cannot defeat Lunarians. Fragile and rather soft it will be hard for them.

This is the storyline of one of the many unique fantasy manga by Haruko Ichikawa. A lady who loves fantasy more than reality. With many emotions, different punch lines, and characters’ ability to connect to the audience, it makes it one of the most loved manga.


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