Starbase Price Prediction 2021? When Will Starbase Reach $1? Elon Musk Tweet

When we talk about cryptocurrencies one thing that we can not ignore is how volatile it is. If you follow the news about crypto you must know that these coins are going down day by day. For the past three days, major coins took a dump of more than 33%. Today we are going to talk about one of these in specific. We are going to do Starbase Price Prediction for the year 2021. We will also focus some light on Will Starbase Reach $1. So, without future ado let’s start.

What is Starbase 

When we talk about Starbase one thing that you should know that this has nothing to do with Elon Musk. We should tell you that it is new crypto that is owned by another entity and not Elon Musk. And Elon musk has his own project to create a starbase in Texas. There he wants to create a base for his company space X. It is a decentralized coin that is made for security and other things. Now let’s talk about Will Starbase Reach $1.

Starbase Price Prediction 2021

Starbase Price Prediction 2021? When Will Starbase Reach $1? Elon Musk Tweet

When we talk about predicting crypto coins there are no such things as right or wrong. One can just toss a coin and do the prediction but there is a thing called assumptions. When you look at the price trend of Starbase you will get to know that on 15th May it has less than 0.0045$. And it seemed that nothing is going to change it and it went on almost the same price till 18th May. But then the miracle happens. So, Starbase Price Prediction for 2021 seems great. We can say that this year it might reach higher than what we have seen as till now.

Will Starbase Reach $1

When talking about if it will reach $1 or not we have to consider a few key points in its exchange rate. First look at the exchange rate of Starbase till 18th of May. But on 18th May due to a tweet by Elon musk, it went on to touch the moon. Well not in the literal sense but it rose more than 600%. As you can say it reached 0.2272$. This happened only because Elon musk tweeted a picture that has Coinbase written on it. So, to make a correct Starbase Price Prediction and to answer Will Starbase Reach $1. We have only one thing to say “it all depends on Elon Musk”. Well, not really I was just joking but it is safe to say that it will not reach $1 in 2021.

How to buy Starbase Coin 

To buy Starbase coin you need to have an account on a trusted trading site. There are many but when it comes to authenticity you should use Coinbase. On the platform, after completing all the formality you can buy the coin exchange it, and do whatever you want. Will Starbase Reach $1? What do you think to tell us in the comment section?

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