The recent controversy has been going around these days where the Apple fans are curious to know what would take place in the battle of the courtroom. Tim Cook, commonly known as chief executive of Apple (CEO) would be taking hold of the witness stand today (was scheduled for Friday, 21 May 2021) where stakes are placed higher and the outcome or anything could result in changing the iPhone and App store forever.

The Upcoming Testimony

The testimony of Cook would be taking place at 8 a.m. Pacific time. The district court of the U.S. in Oakland, California, doesn’t give permission for the cases or audio to be televised or rebroadcast in any sort of way except the testimony will be available through a live phone line.

The matter is all about when last year, the antitrust lawsuit was filed against Apple by Epic games, the company that made Fortnite. The stakes are kept with commissions that are profitable where the creator of iPhone with its action has been ranking in through the app store of its mobile and access to the players to this famously known shootout game.

Epic is on the run of proving that the ranged commissions to be said such as from 15% to 30% of in-app transactions being installed on ipads, iPhones, and iPods are connections or part of Apple monopoly which it has created itself around a fortress allowing the blockage of other payment slots or options which are supposed to be taking place on its mobile devices.

App Store

As per the reports and sources claims that Cook has been in extensive preparation of his own testimony which is most anticipated.

One shall stand, One shall fall

Apple also came forward as brushing off all the allegations which were set by Epic is nothing but an attempt that would lead to the boost of their own profits. Apple stated that the commission that comes from the app-makers has an easy hand which helps it making its products powering by paying to its technology which includes the other part of the subject such as security and protection of privacy which played a major role in making iPhone popular.

Lawyers of Epic has been all in when it came to grilling the executives of Apple which includes Phil Schiller, who is known to be the former guru of marketing of Apple, and a confidant of Steve Jobs who took the stand for Monday and Tuesday.

Apple’s App Store is said to be a part of a well major contribution when it comes to the profiting of growth which has helped Apple in its present marketing value to be estimated figure of nearly $2.1m. But the question stands as to how much money does Apple makes from the App Store? This will remain as the heated contention of the trial and see what more might happen today.

Epic games


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