What is White Fungus? And why it is Giving Headache to India’s Healthcare System

The second wave of covered has not been controlled yet. There is another Pandemic for Indian healthcare to take care of. Covered cases are increasing day by day and two new fungus types have joined forces with it. White Fungus is a problem for Indian Healthcare.

Rare cases of fungal infection are getting found more. Every day now people fear White and Black Fungus more than Covid 19. People consuming high steroids or if they are Covid patients have more risk. While Government is preparing for it, there stands another pandemic.

The Next Potential Pandemic

People are now dying of Black and White Fungus. Aspergillosis or White Fungus is spreading quickly. The bird is ready to fly and stay for long. It seems that our world is quite the circus right now! First cases of White Fungus are found in Patna, Bihar. Even a specialized doctor was unable to escape it.

Improper knowledge of Black Fungus already has resulted in a difficult situation. Now thorough research is required for White Fungus also. All are afraid but the reason is not given. It is sure deadly but we do not know Why and How?

Initial White Fungus Knowledge

Initial reports tell us that White Fungus is 4 times more dangerous and deadly. It can damage your body as a whole at once. Spreading to the lungs is another big problem to tackle. Nobody is safe and children also have it. It can be on the lungs, mouth, brain, kidney, and skin.

The symptoms are the same as Covid 19 but different. Through CT Scan and X-Ray it will e clear. But the same goes for BLACK FUNGUS. A lot of confusion is spreading around the topic which makes it prone to fake news. Fake news travels fast and hurts more.

White Fungus Symptoms

  • Facial Deformity and pain
  • Loss of vision or pain in the eyes
  • Altered mental state, confusion
  • Swelling
  • White tongue (main)
  • Black crusts in the nose and Lungs

Low immunity is the main cause of infection. People who are in hospitals beware! The priorities change is drastic and necessary. Critical patients in ICU are urgent to look over. Oxygen cylinders are faulty. Pipes help Fungus, not humans. The need of the hour is to properly clean the environment.


Some of the ways to escape the White Fungus are

  1. Stay safe fro Covid 19
  2. Build immunity
  3. No steroid overuse

Breathing problem and fever is the major sign of infection. For all ages, the criteria is the same till now! Seeking MEDICAL ADVICE is necessary. Do not be your own doctor. White Fungus is a problem for Indian Healthcare. Let us all beat the Fungus together, Stay Tuned!


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