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Binance vs CoinDCX: Best Cryptocurrency exchange for Beginners?

Binance vs CoinDCX: Best Cryptocurrency exchange for Beginners?

Cryptocurrency and its trend have spread at a high speed during the Covid Pandemic. With hundreds of options of cryptocurrencies in the market, you always need a good exchange platform. That’s where names such as Binance and CoinDCX come up. Binance is right now the best and leading platform for cryptocurrency exchange. Whereas CoinDCX is an Indian Cryptocurrency exchange platform. Both are the leading ones at their level. Now it will be amazing to see that which is better for whom. Whether it’s Binance vs CoinDCX, let’s see Who wins the race.

Binance and CoinDCX: A brief

Well comparing Binance and CoinDCX is just like comparing ICC World Cup and Ranji Trophy. That’s because of their level of performance. Binance is a worldwide acclaimed best Cryptocurrency exchange platform. Whereas CoinDCX is a newcomer in the race with the majority of users in India only. So comparing them on their volume and performance would be a little unfair. But still, let’s get into a more detailed comparison of Binance and CoinDCX.

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Binance vs CoinDCX: Best Cryptocurrency exchange for Beginners?

Binance vs CoinDCX: Comparison

So now we will discuss the detailed differences between Binance and CoinDCX. So here we go :

  • Binance charges you a fixed 0.1 percent charge. Whereas CoinDCX charges 0.1 percent Taker’s charge and the Maker’s charge each.
  • Binance provides services to more than 185 countries worldwide. CoinDCX has just started and only covers the main cities of India in major.
  • Binance being more technical and professional is tougher to handle. CoinDCX on other hand is much easier to use.
  • For small investors, Binance will end up quite expensive. CoinDCX is fairly cheaper for Indian investors.

This list of differences will help you choose between Binance and CoinDCX.

More about:

Now also remember that both are some of the best Cryptocurrency exchange platforms. So how can you improve your reach in the market? Follow the following rules :

  • Always use the stats provided by the platforms and invest accordingly. 
  • Be updated about the latest happening, to have the edge. 
  • Be brave enough to face small losses, show trust in your investment. 

This was all about Binance vs CoinDCX. Now choose accordingly and invest safely.

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