Black Fungus Vs White Fungus, Which Is More Dangerous? Early Detection, Symptoms, And Cure

The ongoing coronavirus has created a state of fear, which is enhanced by increasing positivity as well as the death rate. After the 2nd wave a phase of recovery was going on, meanwhile, a new infection is emerging from various states of India. During the past few days, many patients with Black fungus and white fungus is being admitted to the hospital. Black Fungus Vs White Fungus, Which Is More Dangerous? Early Detection, Symptoms, And Cure

Suddenly a declining trend is observed in the active cases of corona as the recovery increases. But a situation of worry arises due to infection of Mucormycosis and White fungus infection.

Black Fungus Vs White Fungus

Together they are an example of fungal disease and caused by fungus. But there is so much term as white fungus. This infection of white fungus is none other than Candidiasis. Candidiasis is a common fungal infection that is caused by candida a type of fungi.

Whereas Mucor is responsible for Black fungus ( Mucormycosis). Together these infections have been known before the pandemic attack of Covid – 19 but an increasing trend is seen in the rising cases of these fungal infections. Further, alongside being a fungal disease difference lies in the way they target different organs and how severe they can be.


The mode of infection of these fungal diseases is through spores. When a person comes in contact with this spore present in the air or on any surface which is infected like medical equipment etc.

Black Fungus Vs White Fungus, Which Is More Dangerous? Early Detection, Symptoms, And Cure

Which Is More Dangerous?

Among Black Fungus Vs White Fungus, Fungus is more dangerous as compared to candidiasis. Mucormycosis is not a common human infection generally we don’t get so many patients. Whereas Candidiasis is more common. Mucormycosis is highly penetrating and can severely harm the eyes, brain, certain sinuses, and required quick operation.

Candidiasis diagnosis is easy and is identified early and treatment is easy till u ignore or miss your treatment. Moreover, it becomes penetrating and becomes a threat to life. In case, Person treated with steroids due to Covid- 19 for a long time, having weakened immunity and suffering from diabetes can easily infect with candidiasis. Candidiasis can spread to children.


Black Fungus Vs White Fungus Symptoms

Manifestation of Candidiasis is –

  • O2 level is low.
  • Pain in chest
  • White patches around mouth and associated areas
  • Cough
  • White discharge.

The associated manifestation of Mucormycosis is

  • Blackish & foul-smelling nasal discharge.
  • congestion / lump in eyes.
  • Defective vision.
  • Block in the nose.

Note: Candiasis manifestations like coronavirus.

Black Fungus Vs White Fungus, Which Is More Dangerous? Early Detection, Symptoms, And Cure

Detection And Cure

Detection of candidiasis is easy as it is a common fungal disease. It can find out by laboratory diagnosis to identify the organisms of both the fungus. Culture sensitivity is necessary to choose correct antifungal medicines.

Both the fungal diseases can be halted by having proper control of sugar monitoring during covid attack doctors should prescribe steroids. Its right dose and duration very much important. For o2 therapy clean water is required. Proper sterile management of oxygen supply, ventilators will be beneficial to halt the white fungal attack.

Black fungus treatment requires a month duration so detection as much early is most effective in its treatment. Keep following for more updates on Black Fungus Vs White Fungus.

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