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Motorola One Action Starts Receiving Android 11 Update, But Its Not Good News For All, Reason Why?

Motorola One Action starts receiving Android 11 update, But it not good news for all, Reason why?
All Mobile phones need to be updated with their android versions to ensure smooth working of the devices. Smartphone companies keep rolling out new Android versions for its user to update their devices and rescue them from turning obsolete. A new controversy is floating in the market regarding Motorola One Action the new Android 11 update of Motorola phones. If you own a Motorola you must check out the following article –

Motorola One Action Android 11 Update –

On September 8th, 2020  Google launched its Android 11 version worldwide. Since then Mobile companies have started configuring their new models to them. Motorola has already started the plan to roll out the Android 11 version to the smartphones launched in 2019 under the Motorola One Action campaign. These smartphones were launched with Android Pie (9.0) in 2019 with a 4 GB Ram configuration. In 2020 all the Motorola Smartphones under Motorola One Action were updated with Android 10.
Hence all users worldwide received the update for this android up-gradation. The new Android version would contain features like chat bubbles, management of permissions in a specialized manner, conversation section in the notification section, scanned storage spaces.
Motorola One Action starts receiving Android 11 update, But it not good news for all, Reason why?

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Problem With This New Update-

Sadly Motorola would not be providing its android 11 update in the North American region and you must be thinking why?
So here is the answer the devices released in this US region were not entirely the part of Motorola One Action Program. In Contrast, The condition for the devices which were not the part of Android One program was that they can have a maximum of only one update. While The devices launched in the North American region have already received their maximum update that is in 2020 they updated to Android 10. So now the USA and Canadian users won’t be able to have access to the new Android 11 version.
Motorola brought up the one Action Plan to overcome this problem only.

Where Has Been The Android 11 version Rolled Out?

One of Motorola’s senior Agents has told the company is planning to launch the Android 11 version. Firstly in countries of Latin America majorly Brazil and then after go out rolling it in the countries of Europe. Whereas Indian users you might have to wait a little bit till the new Android version gets launched in India. But they promised they would try to do it at the earliest.

List Of Devices That Are Expected To Get The New Update

The Motorola One Action devices which may get the update are Moto G Stylus, Moto Razr 2019. Also Moto G8 Power or Moto G8, or G8 Plus. Models like Moto One Hyper, Moto G Power, Moto One Vision, Moto Z4 can also get the update.

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