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The Latest Coronavirus Comes From Dogs? You won’t Believe the truth!

The Latest Coronavirus Comes From Dogs, Is It true?

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has created havoc all around the world. At this point of time when the world is recovering from the wave of Corona, A new strain of corona is reported from dogs, is it true? let’s find out.

New Strain of Coronavirus Extracted

A new strain of Coronavirus was extracted from a child who got admitted to hospital in Sarawak, Malaysia as he was suffering from Pneumonia. It is categorized under canine coronavirus. Yet, there is no such confirmation that, is this extracted virus pathogenic or not?

After the extraction of this virus, it is declared to be the 8th coronavirus. It is the first canine virus to infect humans with a disease. No other specific information regarding its infectivity and the threat it can cause to human have been found. It is still under research. No evidence till now points in the direction that pneumonia was caused by this virus, and is it capable to reach other people to make them prey.


According to the statement published through the journal, Clinical Infectious Diseases is the main focus should be to find out whether this virus can jump from animal to humans? Can it jump from dogs to humans?

The Latest Coronavirus Comes From Dogs, Is It true?

Is It Pathogenic? 

According to Dr. Gregory Gray, people coming with contact is not the new thing, even intense contact is reported. The key point is it is occurring all around the globe and there is a need to find out this matter. He stated early detection is required. If they are detected early and we are able to find out their spread from animal to human, we will be able to tackle them before it takes the face of a Pandemic.

It was known for years that coronavirus can infect dogs but till now no evidence points in the direction that canine virus can affect humans. If it is not detected early, it could be pathogenic to the human and can become a pandemic. No symptoms are discovered yet which is the consequence due to this virus.


Can It Spread From Dogs To Humans?

A virologist John Lednicky mentioned that it is important to look into the matter before it becomes disastrous. He was also in the team that studied this virus. He further said the investigation is very important, to look for its infectivity, pathogenicity, and its associated symptoms. Before it starts to infect people and cases rise in the hospitals, we ought to be sincerely investigating this matter. Coronavirus is a respiratory disease-causing virus.

Coronavirus outbreak was caused by the sar-covid19 noble virus which was found in the bat. It emerges as a pandemic. it would be too early to declare the new canine virus as pathogenic without investigating otherwise it could create an alarming situation.

Stay tuned to The Global Coverage for the latest updates.

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