Why Matic Going Up? Is Matic (Polygon) safe to Invest Now

There have been lots of shuffles going on in the crypto market these days. It has become difficult for any coin to survive in the market. However, Matic Network has still managed to be in the race. Now for investors, this is a big question that whether is it safe to invest or not? Is Matic Network Going Up? And many such questions. They also want to know about the future predictions of it.

So let’s get started and know everything that you need to know about.

But these times have taught us one thing – “Know what you are investing in “. Because the market can be both fair and cruel to you. You having a good knowledge of your investment will always help you. So let’s know Matic network in a better way.

Matic Network: A Brief Introduction

  • Matic Network is basically a cryptocurrency running on blockchain technology.
  • It is amongst the top 15 leading cryptocurrencies right now.
  • The current Price of the Matic network is $1.79.
  • It is popularly known as Polygon and is in association with Ethereum.
  • The basic function is to make the process of transaction more convenient.

But then what’s the reason for Matic Network’s growth? Is it really going up or not?

Let’s get towards that.

Matic Network Really Up? 

Matic network going up
Matic Network

Well yes, the Matic network is definitely going up. In the past month only, the price has hiked from $0.248 to $1.79.

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The growth percentage has increased from 6.47% to 21.56%. This in itself clearly indicates the growth Matic is showing.

It has grown up to the 15th rank leading globally in the market.

Why is Matic going up? 

Now, what’s the reason for the Matic network going up. Well, there are the following reasons :

  1. Effect of Ethereum: Matic network is in complete association with Ethereum. Ethereum is the most trusted name. And in this struggling time, trust is everything. The brand name of Ethereum is surely helping it from the back.
  2. High Market Cap – Another reason for the Matic network’s hike is the high volume it holds. The total market cap value of it ranges from $10 -12 Billion. This increases the trust base of users.
  3. High Potential – Matic network has a high potential for growth in itself. It has always stayed strong in the market.

This was all about the Matic network and its future predictions. Buy and Sell Matic At Binance here

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