How To Watch The Lunar Eclipse Safely And When? Things You Must Keep In Mind

The First Astronomical Lunar Event was 2021 is going to happen today on 26th May 2021. All celestial events are a delight to watch but when it comes to the Lunar Eclipse they have something different with them. The moon itself is a beauty and with eclipse, they turn into a more majestic and spectacular sight to see. Read the following article to know about how and where to watch Lunar Eclipse. Also what tips to follow while watching-

What Is Special About This Lunar Eclipse?

Not only this lunar Eclipse is the first in one of 2021 but also it has something special. This lunar eclipse would be a total lunar eclipse after a span of two years the last one occurred on January 21st, 2019. while in some parts there would be only a partial lunar eclipse. Additionally, there would be a super blood moon. As the full moon is closest to earth today so the moon would look much bigger in size. Due to the sunlight scattering and passing through the earth and reaches the moon cause they are all in a straight line. Because of the lunar eclipse, the moon gets a blood-red color.

When To Watch The Lunar Eclipse?

People of Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Island, and Hawaii are more fortunate this time as they would see this rare celestial event. They would get glimpses of both partial and Total Lunar eclipse. This time, only the partial eclipse would be seen by Eastern India, Nepal, Western China, and Mongolia. While in the west people would witness the total Eclipse in central and western America.Also Peru, Argentina, and Chile.

According to IST, the partial phase would occur from 3:15 pm to 6:23 pm on Wednesday 26th May 2021. The Total Lunar Eclipse would be visible from 4:39 pm to 4:58 pm IST on this same day.

How To Watch The Lunar Eclipse Safely And When? Things You Must Keep In Mind

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Where to Watch?

Visit the channels of these observatories at 3:30 pm to not miss this amazing event. Just click on the links provided above to watch the live stream.

Tips You Must Follow While Watch lunar Eclipse

  1. It is completely safe to watch the lunar Eclipse with bare naked eyes. Unlike Solar Eclipse they do not harm your eyes and no special eyewear equipment is required to watch them. Bust those Myths suggesting you use some tools to watch the Lunar eclipse.
  2. Many cultures suggest that the raw, pre-cooked, and preserved foods may become harmful and unconsumable during eclipse cause of rays from planets. to avoid this people put basil leaves in the food.
  3. You can use Binoculars to get a better picture. If having a tripod stand use it for getting a stable view
  4. If you own a Telescope then it’s best, connect your DSLR to the telescope and capture the beauty of the super blood moon too.

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