DubaiCoin Going Up Rises 1000% in 24hr, First Ever Crypto Coin of Dubai

The cryptocurrency market is witnessing changes and evolution every second. In this evolution we see many new entrants doing a great job. One such Cryptocurrency is “DubaiCoin”.DubaiCoin is the first-ever Cryptocurrency of Dubai. This has attracted many investors to get in with it. Dubai is one of the leading cities in terms of development. This makes the coin having high expectations. So now the question stays – Is DubaiCoin Going Up? DubaiCoin What is the future predictions of DubaiCoin.

Know everything about DBIX here. With all the market analysis and simple explanations, you get everything done here.

Remember knowing about your Cryptocurrency is the first important step. So let’s start with that.

DubaiCoin: A Brief 

  • Launched by ArabianChain Technology, it is the first known public Arabian Cryptocurrency.
  • Right now the payment process will limit to the city area of Dubai.
  • This is based on public Blockchain technology which will let people mine their own coins.
  • As soon as it entered the market, it witnessed DubaiCoin growing at a high speed.

DubaiCoin Going Up Rises 1000% in 24hr, First Ever Crypto Coin of Dubai

However, the authorization and trust on DubaiCoin are still risky. Let’s know everything about it.

Risky or Safe? 

Well, you should always check twice about the legalities of the Cryptocurrency you choose. Right now it’s not an Official Cryptocurrency. So you better stay away from it right now.

The official Dubai City has clearly said it’s not officially registered. It has also stated that – “It is designed to steal personal information from its visitors”.

So yes, it may be a scam, so be aware.

DubaiCoin Going Up? 

  • Well yes, keeping the existence of it aside, it has shown a great hike.
  • The growth recorded is more than 1000% and that too in just 1 day.
  • It started with the mere price of $0.13 and got up to $1.13.
  • This is an exceptional growth in terms of the market.
  • In terms of growth, it has done a great job, but your investment may be at a risk.

However, it may turn out to be a scam and maybe a bit dangerous. But looking at the growth it has shown, it does have high potentials. Let’s see what happens further to know more.

This was all about DubaiCoin and its future predictions.

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