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Money Kicks Net Worth 2021? Business? and How did Rashed belhasa get Rich?

Money Kicks Net Worth 2021? Business? and How did Rashed belhasa get Rich?

Rashed Belhasa aka Money kicks is a famous YouTuber who is known for his fashion. He has a huge collection of sneakers, cars, and other luxury items. In this article, we will tell you the reason why he is so famous. We will also tell you Money kicks net worth, his other passion. We will also tell you about his family. So, if you are a fan of Money kicks do read the article.

Who is Money kicks 

We should tell you that Money kicks is from Dubai who loves to make videos on youtube. He has collaborated with Mo Vlogs and other famous YouTubers. His family is worth billions. he is most known for his clothing brands and his fashion choices. Born in January 2002, he started creating youtube vlogs at an early age.

Money Kicks Net Worth 2021? Business? and How did Rashed belhasa get Rich?

Money kicks net worth

When we talk about his net worth there are two things to consider. First, the money that he earned on his own and the net worth of his father. As we know he is a new YouTuber he does not have a lot of money of his own. But when we include his father’s net worth it becomes more than any YouTuber in the world.

After considering his father’s money Money kicks net worth is 2.04 billion dollars USD.

The lifestyle of Money kicks and his car collection 

Rashed has millions of fans worldwide. As you must know he makes videos related to his shoes, cars, clothes, and other things. As of now, he has a collection of 200,000 sneakers. He even has a car collection worth millions. It is estimated that he spends more than 10000$ a month on shoes. He is passionate about shows and likes to buy shoes since he was a teenager.

After knowing Moneykicks net worth you should know his influence. We should tell you that he is also interested in meeting celebrities. He likes to do photoshoots with several Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. Celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Salman Khan, SRK, Lionel Messi, Akon, and Wiz Khalifa have visited his place several times.

Money Kicks Net Worth 2021? Business? and How did Rashed belhasa get Rich?

Business of Money kicks 

Another thing that we should tell you is he has his own business. He has a clothing brand and manages it on his own. He likes to do experiments on his fashion and he wants to be an entrepreneur. In an interview, he said that he admires DJ Khaled and wants to be as successful as him. Tell us what do you think about Money kicks net worth in the comment section.

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